Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Budget leaves majority of kiiwis feeling worse off...

Budget leaves majority of Kiwis feeling worse off... 

Fewer than five percent of us feel better off after the budget – that’s the finding from the latest ONE News Colmar Brunton poll, which shows that while spending cuts weren’t popular voters felt they were necessary to help the economy.

In fact just 4% of NZers feel better off. 62% say their circumstances haven't changed and 28% say they are worse off.

Cutting back KiwiSaver was a big part of the Budget spending cuts and that wasn't popular with voters. 42% said they supported the Kiwi Saver changes. 50% opposed them and the remainder were undecided.

It seems though that voters accept the idea that spending cuts were necessary for the health of the economy. 31% of people thought the Budget would improve the economy. 41% thought it would have no real impact, 20% thought the Budget would have a negative impact on the economy and the remainder were undecided.


Unknown said...

Hi Peter,
It seems that politicians everywhere are using the same methods to rule their countries.

Unknown said...

You would be right about that , Harry!