Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The cracks are showing and National is a one term government...

The cracks are showing, and the National Government has shown it really wants to continue privatising in one form or another, and even extend that to education.

There is no place for private/state partnerships in NZ. These partnerships would be at the expence of the state and the taxpayer. I don't believe the state should subsidise private education. If people want to send their children to private schools they should privately finance them.

John Key is struggling to manage his right wing cabinet members, and those foolish ones outside of cabinet. ACT NZ is a fascist party and is dog-tucker; and the Maori Party is all washed up but doesn't know it! Turiana Turia is standing down next time, and only Pita Sharples has the personal mana to get re-elected; the rest are political deadbeats!

The National Government is a one term government, and it is showing! Many people who voted for National now regret it, and realise they only reacted against what they perceived were nanny state policies of the previous Labour - led administration. They now realise that Labour had been a pretty good government over nine years, and Helen Clark had been one of the great political manager of all time!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

NZ the way you want it...

David Shearer will win the MT Albert by-election tomorrow by the proverbial country mile from one of the most stupid women in politics, Melissa Lee.

Richard Worth has no value within the National Government any more. Not worth the worry!

National's policies are a dogs breakfast in any case. Nine day fortnights, cycle tracks from the North Cape to the Bluff. Boot camps for the biggest and baddest young crims. Privatising ACC. Scrapping adult training programs. Yeah right!

Starting to sound like Rob Muldoon's "NZ the way you want it." Yeah right again! A national disgrace and disaster. Have you noticed we no longer have regular political polls? I wonder why?

David Bain is not guilty. But is he really innocent? Who shot Robin Bain? Was O.J. Simpson innocent?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bain is a pain, National is down, and no capital gains tax please...

David Shearer to romp home in the Mount Albert by-election. You'd think Helen was still in residence.

For what it is worth - the jury got it wrong in the Bain Retrial. How could you get a result such as this after a trial; an unsuccessful appeal to the Appeal Court; an unsuccessful appeal to the Privy Council, and later a successful appeal to have the verdict overturned. There is no proof that Robin Bain did it either! If not David or his father - who? Do we have a double jeopardy provison in NZ law for capital offences considering a precedent was set in the UK a few years ago. NZ follows the Uk in most of its legal provisions.You never know, it may happen here in the next ten years too!

We do not have and should not have a Capital gains tax in NZ. Homebuyers have already paid tax on the money they are using to buy, or have bought homes.

The rot is setting in in National. The only way is...down,down!!