Monday, April 14, 2008

National continues to flip-flop like never before...

National continues to flip-flop like never before. Labour continues to release policies and governs New Zealand well. The economic signs for the future are a little disturbing, but Labour will deliver what it believes is necessary, and tax cuts have now become part of Labour's economic strategy, along with a continuation of the Working For Families policy. Labour is a real Government!

Labour realises that not all New Zealand families and many individuals do not qualify for WFF assistance and tax cuts are necessary to help these people in deterioating economic times.

What would National do? Give some tax cuts, but they are not sure how much and when. Perhaps in 2010. Yeah right!

National has said that state assets will not be sold in their first term; but what about the second if New Zealanders were so bloody stupid to vote them in in the first place?

The present National Party is totally inept, inexperienced and lacks real leadership. John Key is a smiling hyena and Bill English is a nice guy who would have learned a few things if he had been in the Labour Party. Would you vote this bunch to run your local kindergarten? Get real! Give the kids a chance, Fred.

National will continue to flip-flop all the way to this years elections! They dont have any real policies that genuine Kiwis would want in any case.