Friday, December 26, 2008

See what happens in the New Year...

So much BS has been spoken in recent times I'll leave things until the New Year to comment.

Those who voted for National and Act will just have to lie down in the beds they made. There are sorry times ahead for the next couple of years here in NZ.

The '90 Day Hire and Fire Act' is a despicable piece of legislation that will come back to bite the Rightwingers on their backsides. To me it is the Hire and Serve Act - because workers will be no more than servants for 90 days! Its just a prelude to The ECA Part 2. The Maori Party will have a hard time gaining some future credibilty.

Monday, December 15, 2008

An unpublished reply to a letter sent to the Hutt News...

An unpublished reply to a letter sent by Graeme Barlow, Petone, Lower Hutt, Dec 9 2008 to the Hutt news , Lower Hutt:

Yes, please keep publishing my letters as your newspaper has done for nearly thirty years now, because they will show up such supporters of this one term National Government for what they really are and who they represent - certainly not the average New Zealand people. They are men of straw with feet of clay!

What a shallow, mean spirited and uncharitable little man you appear to be. I don't think you would know a socialist if you fell over one. I am and have been an unashamed Social democrat for my entire adult life.

The whole basis of my recent letter, which you appeared to discredit, was to publicly congratulate the late Peter Lorimer for his long service to his community, which included a number of years of service to the old pre-Rogernomics Labour Party as well, coinciding with my own service to that organisation. I included reference to that of Helen Clark as well.

Even your leader and new prime minister, John Key, saw fit to publicly acknowledge and congratulate Helen Clark's long sevice to New Zealand and New Zealanders as a politician and a great prime minister. It is recorded that John Key met with and discussed matters of interest with Helen Clark during the week he represented this country at the Apec talks.

I personally couldn't give a rats backside whether Mr Barlow approves of my political background or not; I don't know the gentleman and have no intention of ever doing so.

In closing, just let me comment on why I consider this National Government to be a one term administration: In announcing it intends to bulldoze legislation through Parliament under urgency is a denial of natural justice and a lack of democracy in action. Is this the beginning of the Employment Contracts Act Mark Two?


Thursday, December 11, 2008

NZ 90 day hire and fire bill passed into law - a fascist law...

The so-called New Zealand 90 day hire and fire bill becomes law after urgency in parliament; better described as the "hire and serve" bill. A fascist act!

New workers in small businesses(under 20 workers)can be sacked and kicked down the road within 90 days of starting new jobs under a law passed today Dec 12 2008.

The probation period may be extended to larger companies(over 20 workers) in the future.

"Hire and serve" is a better description because New Zealand workers will be little more than sevants for those 90 days - without most employment rights.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Oppose the damn worker probation bill in New Zealand...


Oppose the damn 90 day fascist employee probation period‏ bill:

Your honeymoon is now over, John Key! Your party's proposed 90 day probationary period bill under urgency is despicable, fascist and undemocratic. It is actually the beginning of your end. It is nothing more than the beginning of the Employment Contracts Act(ECA) Part 2. And part 1 was nothing short of fascism in my book.

A 30 day period up until the ECA of 1991, was considered sufficient by all employers, employees and political parties for over 50 years. Nothing has really changed. You need extensive interiews and CV's to even get a job now. A decent employer, and the employee too, would know if the employee is suitable enough for the position. After 30 days a a further training period and agreement could be set up for the employee concerned. Up to 30 days there should be a two hours notice either way as it was for a half a century!

The Maori Party's credibility rests on this proposed bill under urgency. Bring on the next election!

Maori Party urged to oppose worker probation bill...

Labour is urging the Maori Party to oppose the 90 Day Employment Probation Bill.

National is planning to pass the bill through Parliament under urgency, before Christmas. The proposed legislation would allow employers with less than 20 staff to dismiss employees without any personal grievance claims.

Labour leader Phil Goff says the Maori Party can do nothing else but oppose the bill and oppose urgency. He says it would be unthinkable for the Maori Party to allow legislation which strips Maori, and other workers, of fundamental rights.

Mr Goff says National never told the public the law change would be a top priority, and gave no warning it would be rammed through under urgency.

However Minister of Labour Kate Wilkinson says the policy was well known before the election.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

John Key given a poisonous chalice for change...

So the people have spoken. John Key has been given a mandate for change, the scribes have claimed. In my opinion Johny Key has been given a poisonous chalice for change!

As far as the economic problems are concerned, the tsunami hasn't reached NZ shores yet!

The new National Government has some strange new bedfellows when considering Rodney Hide and his economic misfits and political clowns; Peter Dunne, the done deal; and the politically expedient Maori Party leaders, Pita and Turiana - a majority of their party votes were cast for Labour. Those chickens will be coming home to roost in three years, and what will happen to the Maori Party when they do? Indeed!

The new Labour leadership of Phil Goff and Annette King may actually get a greater boost and opportunity for their brand of change at the next elections.

Too late for the New Zealand people; Helen Clark will have ridden off into the sunset by then, and Michael Cullen will want to spend more time with his grandchildren; and Jim Anderton will have taken his long overdue and earned National Super!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

There will be a National - led government - and why Labour lost..

There will be a National-led government supported by the ultra-right Act Party led by Rodney Hide, and also Peter Dunne.

This is at the expense of one of New Zealand's greatest ever prime minister's, Helen Clark, who has stepped down as Labour leader, along with deputy Michael Cullen. It is an end of an era for the New Zealand people. We will not see the like of it for a couple of generations or more, if ever!

Winston Peters and his New Zealand First Party are also casualties of this election which has swung to the right, not the centre as new prime minister, John Key claims. He may well be a centrist but we all know that just behind him are those rightwing ratbags from the 1990's who made life a misery for the average Kiwi. The Act lineup includes the creator of Rogernomics himself, Roger Douglas. He may well be knighted and have a Sir in front of his name - but I will never address this traitor of the NZ people who nearly destroyed the social structure in this country. Some people committed suicide because of the economic and social conditions which followed the tragic policies of Douglas and his cronies.

We realise we will have this bunch of rightwing cronies for up to at least six years. If National gets in the position of getting re-elected in three years the ensuing policies will be different from chalk and cheese to what Key claims his government will deliver now and in the future.

It will take at least six years to have a new Labour leader blooded and experienced enough to take on Key and deliver a victory - and I predict it won't be Phil Goff who may become the interim leader of the Labour Party.

And in six years i will be enjoying my National Superannuation and won't be writing any more political blogs, and will be leaving the worries to younger people.

Aussie opinion

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Are the polls true - or will there be a left coalition...

Are the polls true - or will there be a left coalition? Will Helen Clark and Labour squeak in with the Greens and the Maori Party? Will Winston and NZ First get that 5% to survive?

Of course there will be change, but do you really want Roger Douglas back in government? You'll get him if Act does well! He is No 3 on their list.

I can tell you the "real" people don't want a bar of National and Act. We want real leadership, jobs and security, which National can't deliver!

I don't think John Key would survive his term before Bill English rolls him, in any case.

Tomorrow is tomorrow and...

Monday, November 3, 2008



A fanatic National landslide or a left of centre coalition...

There will be a maniacal National landslide that would prove New Zealanders don't deserve the vote, or a left of centre coalition.

It is too difficult to predict what people will do inside their voting booth.

Lets face it Nationaal has a head, but no body; it represents nobody at present just political expediency. Who is John Key and who does he represent? Who are those shadowy figures behind him?

What does a multi-millionaire former money making financial speculator want in politics? Are the rumours correct about Key? He is in it to achieve power for powers sake! And he accuses Helen Clark and Micheal Cullen of never having a "real" job; financial speculation is a real job? Yeah right!

Is he the deceitful stooge front man who is attempting to assist National into power, because Bill English can't and Don Brash couldn't? Rumour has it if he is successful he will resign as prime minister a year or so before the next election, and as a consequence all bets will be off because any election agreement made by John Key will not bind his successor, Bill English. Remember you were told here, readers!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

John Key wants to be prime minister of New Zealand - harden up John...

John Key wants to be prime minister of New Zealand - harden up John!

John Key claims Labour is seeking to smear him and the National Party over the H-Fee Scam: Re Equitcorp and the infamous H-Fee money transfer scheme which ranks as New Zealand's most notorious white-collar crime. This landed Allan Hawkins and Elders executive, Ken Jarret in jail - it was alleged to have been devised as a method of covering up payments to Equitcorp for helping Elders in a takeover bid for BHP.

Questions have been asked about John Key's possible involvement with the scammy scheme. Key worked at Elders Finance in the 80's, and had some questionable workmates? Key claimed he left Elders in 1988. The dirty deeds actually occurred two years earlier, and Key was still employed by the company at that time.

John Key is upset that Labour is trying to smear him less than a couple of weeks from the election.

What does John Key think that he and National and the media have been doing to Winston Peters for the last year or so?

Harden up John! You do want to be prime minister of New Zealand, don't you?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Are loans National's new social welfare...

Are loans National's new social welfare?

John Key's explanation of the NATS policies in relation to redundant workers is a load of old cobblers, unfair and totally unworkable. We have student loans and now National wants redundant workers loans!

It shows just how much out of touch the National Party is with reality. There should be low taxed compulsory redundancy agreements in all workers contracts!

Are loans the new National Party social welfare?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Makes political sense to use a political loophole if you ask me...

I haven't read the booklet yet, but it makes commonsense to use a loophole in the law if there is one. We are fighting an election for the political souls of New Zealanders:

A legal expert believes Labour has made smart use of a loophole in the electoral law.

The party has issued around 64,000 booklets for people aged over 60, which give advice about government entitlements and the impact of this year's tax cuts on the pension.

Associate Professor of Law Andrew Geddis from Otago University says the electoral law still allows MPs to communicate with their constituents.

"Labour has just chosen to do that around election time to remind everybody of what their MPs are doing. If they had used the word 'Labour' or they'd even used the colour red, that may have fallen foul of the election spending rules."

Mr Geddis says the way Labour has crafted the pamphlets means the money spent on them is kept outside the Electoral Finance Act rules.

But National is accusing Labour of dipping its finger back in the public purse in a bid to round up votes.

MP Gerry Brownlee claims the booklets are a twisting of the rules. He says the intention is to have the candidate photograph sitting on the coffee table with the subliminal message that they should be voted for.

Labour was caught out at the last election for spending $800,000 on its pledge card.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What were the issues this week, a debate, polls and a lying John Key...

What were the issues this week? Too many to elaborate on.

The polls: Too many different polls during the last week. From 3%, 6%, 10% and 18%. Yeah right! The only poll that matters is om election day.

The Leaders Debate: A shambles that was not refereed properly. A bad mannered John Key got the sharp end of Helen's tongue eventually. Surprisingly the "Flip Flop Kid" was quite articulate - bit different from the unfortunate Don Brash three years ago. Helen had to talk over Key to get her point across.

The Story of the week: Did John Key give Pita Sharples a guarantee that National would not get rid of the Maori seats if the Maori Party supports National? Pita Sharples is a man of principle and is more likely to be believed than the slippery John Key. Has John Key lied about the conversation with Pita Sharples, who is still adamant that Key did give him a guarantee? Has Key flip-flopped again?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Labour plans on infastructure spending supported...

Great stuff Helen Clark and Labour! Labour was also under no obligation to advise John Key about anything. Key would only use the opportunity to politicise the matter.

PM Clark proposes more infrastructure spending to stimulate economy if it weakens too much; mini-Dec budget if Labour wins election

Prime Minister Helen Clark says Labour will consider bringing forward infrastructure spending if economic conditions do not improve.

In response to the financial instability around the world, the government will guarantee all bank deposits in order to stop panic withdrawals. The Australian government made a similar move last week.

The guarantee will cover people who have savings with building societies, credit unions, finance companies and cash portfolio investment schemes. Banks with deposits up to $5 billion will not be charged for taking part in the scheme, but for deposits over that amount, a fee will be charged.

Miss Clark made the the announcement at the launch of the Labour's election campaign in Auckland yesterday. She also outlined a spending plan which is intended to stimulate the economy if needed. It includes bringing forward infrastructure spending and building projects such as school properties and extending the rail line from Whangarei to Marsden Point. Miss Clark says if Labour wins next month's election, it will devise a mini-budget in December.

A spokesman for National leader John Key says the party had been in contact with the Reserve Bank about its plans for the banking sector, but was not consulted at all, about Labour's proposal to guarantee bank deposits.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

CTU's election policy statement calls for NZ workers incomes to rise and more protection for their rights...

CTU's election policy statement calls for incomes to rise and more protection for workers' rights...

The Council of Trade Unions has released its election policy statement, which sets out to lift incomes and protect workers' rights.

President Helen Kelly says political parties need to spell out what plans they have to increase pay packets and protect core social services.

She says the CTU wants the minimum wage to rise to two-thirds of the average wage ($15 in the interim), 26 weeks paid parental leave moving to 56 weeks, investment in skills and technology to be boosted and a lifting of the rate of multi-employer collective bargaining and industry agreements.

Ms Kelly says any new tax cuts would seriously hit the amount of money being spent on public services and it is important that everyone is on a level playing field.

"The fact that everyone can go to the doctor regardless of income, that every school in this country gets good funding and has highly qualified teachers and that they're all paid the same rates of pay."

Three hundred thousand copies of the statement will be released to the public over the coming months.

I am looking forward to reading this document.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Liar, liar your credibility is on fire, John Key...

Liar, liar your credibility is on fire, John Key...

His sudden loss of memory when discussing his and his family trust shares in Tranzrail was nothing but unadulterated lies. So he is sorry? Yeah right!

Some traction for Labour and the smaller left of centre political parties? Perhaps, but you can't rely on or have faith in the political polls these days. If the polls were reliable there shouldn't be more than 5% between National and Labour.

Most of the other news of the week was insignificant. Whatever you may think, nothing has been proven against Winston yet.

The storm in a teacup between the Maori Party's Pita Sharples and the Labour Party is irrelevant.

Actually a Maori Television poll showed Maori flocking back to Labour, so I don't know why the Maori Party think they will get all Maori seats this time - they may just keep the two seats of their co-leaders Turiana Turia and Pita Sharples.

Christchurch and Wellington voters have flocked back to Labour too - great for the party vote!

The election is centred on the Auckland region. National won't have the seats to govern alone, they will need a coalition partner - this is where the party vote will be so vital. Labour has a number of potential coalition partners, National has only the Act Party, now that NZ First has been rejected!

Helen clark has a great chance of getting her fourth term,and deservedly so; Go Helen you beauty!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Do you believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus? Why believe current political polls...

Do you believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus? Why believe current political polls? I don't!

It is hard to place any credence on political polls when two completely unconnected polls show over 7% difference in what National is polling.

One poll shows 18% difference between National and Labour in a head to head poll. 11% could be halved in one poll closer to the election. National could still have the most seats but not a big enough majority to win the elections. Labour has ready made possible coalition partners in the Greens, NZ First and other minor parties, and National doesn't. The Maori Party will never support National because they know most of their members vote Labour for the party vote - if they did Maori Party support in the future would probably collapse.

A recent Maori Television poll showed Maori voters are swinging back to Labour in very large numbers.

Don't trust those sort of polls? Why would you believe National was 18% ahead of Labour? Believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus too? They have absolutely no credibility whatsoever!

Monday, September 15, 2008

National's ham-fisted attacks against the neutrality of public service.....

The Government is accusing National of trying to bully the Auckland District Health Board.

National's health spokesman Tony Ryall wrote a letter to the DHB warning of significant political issues should it promote activities associated with the Government.

Health Minister David Cunliffe describes that as a ham-fisted assault on the neutrality of the public service and a craven act of political interference. He says John Key should get Mr Ryall to apologise for his blatant attempt to bully the DHB.

However, National's health spokesman Tony Ryall says he has received information which suggests the DHB may go beyond the rules in acting independently. He says there is a big difference between informing the public and proactively spinning news to make Labour look good. Mr Ryall says DHBs should be spending the public's money on frontline services for patients and not PR departments.

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Helen Clark has announced the NZ elections on NOvember 8 2008 - and "Clueless" John Key wouldn't have a clue...

Helen Clark, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, has announced that the New Zealand parliamentary elections will be held on November 8 2008.

And John Key the "Clueless" Leader of the opposition wouldn't have a clue. Talk about the Emperor having no clothes; that is the understatement of the century!

The latest polls that continue to see National moving ahead are not really worth the money it costs to run them. Actually Labour has only lost 2 pts since the last poll, and as Helen Clark said, if that is the worst thing that can happen with the fallout from the Winston Peters episode, then nobody should worry too much.

Well it is onwards and upwards from now on. Rally the troops and drive the "Clueless Sassanachs" back to the swamps they emerged from. LOL

NZ Government blew the whistle on the baby formula contamination in China...

Helen Clark says her government blew the whistle on the baby milk formula contamination in China.

The Prime Minister says she learned of the problem just over a week ago. She received a briefing paper at her home on Friday September 5 and convened a special meeting with officials and ministers on Monday.

Instructions were then given to New Zealand's ambassador in China to tell officials there our government was extremely concerned there had been no action to recall the product. Ms Clark says that was then done. She understands a general concern was first raised with the New Zealand embassy in China in the middle of August. It had gathered enough information by the end of the month to raise the matter with Wellington.

Meanwhile, Fonterra officials are refusing to front up over the scandal.

The Sanlu Group makes the powder, being blamed for causing kidney stones which has resulted in one death and over 400 being made ill. The company has confirmed the toxin melamine was found in the powder, and has since halted production.

Fonterra has only issued a four paragraph statement saying it was advised of the contamination in August and had pushed for a full public recall of all affected milk powder. It says company representatives are seeking a meeting with the Chinese Government and will assist with the investigation.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

National only party that will increse taxes, not reduce them...

10 September 2008 - National is the only party that will go in to this year's election promising to increase taxes, Agriculture Minister Jim Anderton said today.

He said National's pledge to cut the tax credit for research and development would take as much as two hundred million dollars out of innovation when it is sorely needed.

"After all their rhetoric, it almost beggars belief that national is planning to increase tax for our most innovative companies and industries," Jim Anderton said.

"National's policy is explicitly to penalise businesses for doing research and development - but research and development is exactly what New Zealand needs more of to lift New Zealand's living standards.

"No other tax measure is as important for strengthening New Zealand's economy.

"No party other than National is promising to increase taxes on business - or on anyone else for that matter."

What do you think of that?

Monday, September 8, 2008

Glen due at the Privileges Committee meeting...

Helen Clark will make up her own mind without any unwanted comments from John Key who should discipline his own party. The party beginning to go down the gurgler!

No transcripts or correspondence appear to exist from a meeting between the Prime Minister and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters over party funding issues.

The pair met on July 29 and Mr Peters assured Helen Clark neither he, nor his party, had received a donation from Monaco-based businessman Owen Glenn. Miss Clark also sought assurances that laws had not been broken.

In response to an Official Information Act request, the Prime Minister's office says no transcript of the meeting exists. It also says it has never received any correspondence from Mr Peters, or his party, regarding donations they had received, the operation of the Spencer Trust, or the $100,000 businessman Owen Glenn donated towards Winston Peters legal bills in 2005.

Mr Glenn is due to appear before Parliament's Privileges Committee today to give evidence about his donation. The New Zealand Herald reports him as saying he is just here to clear his name.

"I just want to get rid of it and get on with my life."

Mr Glenn has already provided two letters to the committee saying Mr Peters personally asked him for the donation and then thanked him for it.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Marlborough winegrowers accused of mistreating foreign labour...

Marlborough winegrowers are being accused of putting the seasonal work scheme in jeopardy.

Growers says while the policy of employing people from the Pacific region has helped to solve a shortage of workers, the associated costs are too high. Growers claim they have to pay half their workers' airfares and in some cases, have to wash their clothes because the employees do not know how to use modern appliances.

Helen Kelly from the Council Of Trade Unions says in light of recent stories about the appalling treatment of the workers, the growers' calls for more support are outrageous. She says the scheme was set up to support the horticultural industry at a time of labour shortage and employers need to measure up. Ms Kelly alleges some wine makers are charging exorbitant rates and deducting all sorts of costs from workers' wages to boost profits.

Up to 5,000 workers from Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, Tuvalu and Vanuatu can come to New Zealand on seasonal annual permits to work in horticulture and viticulture jobs.

If employers want to use overseas labour, they should stick to their agreements and treat their employees in the same way they would have to treat New Zealanders. If it is true they are treating their employers badly, it is despicable and they should be excluded from such schemes in the future.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Helen Clark has known for six months about the NZ First donation...

Helen Clark has revealed that she has known about the donation to NZ First from Owen Glen for six months. Owen Glen told her so!

The NZ First donation scandal may well have blown apart with her revelations. But the onus has always been with Winston Peters to reveal the facts of the matter.

The prime minister has confirmed that businessman, Owen Glen, told her in February of this year,2008, that he had donated $100,000 to the New Zealand First Party. She asked Winston Peters about the donation, but he denied it. She has heard two different versions, but has to take Peters at his word. Peters has continually denied the claim that Glen had donated $100,000 to NZ First.

If Owen Glen's statement can be confirmed, Helen Clark will have no option but to sack Winston Peters for lying to her, the prime minister of New Zealand. What the National Party may claim or state is immmaterial; it is all related to Winston Peters statement to Helen Clark.

I'm sure that Helen Clark will make some statement in the near future when she no longer needs New Zealand First's support in the House.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Glenn admission a political bombshell - who is the old goat in the story...

Glenn admission a "political bombshell" - who is the old goat in the story...

The Privileges Committee must decide whether to believe Winston Peters or Owen Glenn over a $100,000 donation

Parliament's Privileges Committee now has to decide who it wants to believe.

In a letter to the committee (click here to read letter as PDF), businessman Owen Glenn says Winston Peters sought help from him for the legal fund during a conversation when the pair met in Sydney. He says the New Zealand First leader thanked him for the $100,000 payment when they met again at the Karaka yearling sales in early 2006.

Mr Peters says he has no recollection of asking Mr Owen for money. Privileges Committee chairman Simon Power says the contradiction will be something for MPs to consider.

"The nature of that evidence appears inconsistent with the evidence given by Mr Peters and Mr Henry (Winston Peters' lawyer)."

Mr Power says the committee meets again next Thursday.

Newstalk ZB Political Editor Barry Soper says the letter from Mr Glenn is a "political bombshell" and could prove costly for Prime Minister Helen Clark.

"If she does anything to Winston Peters in terms of firing him from Cabinet, which in my view she's duty-bound to do, she can probably kiss goodbye to the Emissions Trading Scheme."

New Zealand First MP Dail Jones has accused Owen Glenn of contradicting himself. He says Mr Glenn's credibility is at stake, and Mr Peters has told the truth.

However the MP who laid the privileges complaints against Mr Peters says today's revelations spell the end of the New Zealand First leader's career. ACT leader Rodney Hide says it is now clear that Mr Peters misled Parliament and the Prime Minister has to make an ethical stand - and stand Mr Peters down. He says she is clutching to power as she tries to get the Emissions Trading Scheme through.

New Zealand First was due to reveal whether it will support the scheme sometime today.

An interesting old time in the Parliament these days. Helen will make her decision when it suits her and her Government. Remember that an election is impending.

Is the National Party a clean green alternative? Yeah right! If the Government is to be damned, then the whole caboodle is damned!

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Friday, August 15, 2008

The political polls lack credibility...

The political polls lack credibility. There is almost no real movement and that is not a normal state of affairs.

I took part in a particular political poll many years ago. We were actually a team of about 1200-1500 pollsters for the entire period. If a pollster has their mind made up and the poll favours a particular party from the word go, how can the poll retain any credibility.

I believe this is actually the case now. For a poll to have any credibility the participants need to be changed for every poll. Bunch of old goats if you ask me!

This is my opinion in any case.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Same old, same old discredited Tory party - don't deserve to govern...

Nats accused of bringing back failed policy - the same old discredited policies of the 1990's. They didn't work then and they will not work now!

A Rotorua social agency says National would be doing itself no favours if it brings back failed social policies. Bring in policies that would ENCOURAGE mothers of young children to return or go out to work. National is still stuck in the time warp of the 1990's. Their policies will encourage employers to pay low wages because women would be forced out, not encouraged to go to work. A win-win for employers and the National Party who are still want low wages for those who will never vote for them!

The party is expected to announce today that if it wins the election, it wants solo parents on the domestic purposes benefit to work or undertake training when their children reach school age.

Paul Blair from the People's Advocacy Centre spokesman says the only ones who would benefit from the scheme are employers prepared to pay low wages to solo parents.

Prime Minster Helen Clark also believes National is dragging out old policies. She says such a move amounts to beating up on solo parents.

"It's the hoary old work for the dole, when actually, we've focussed on getting people into real jobs and that's why even in a year of slow down, we've just had employment figures come in which are still under four percent. It's a complete waste of time trying to enforce work for the dole."

Miss Clark says the people behind Mr Key are people who were responsible for disastrous policies in the 90s and led to the party being booted out in 1999.

However, former Act MP Muriel Newman, who now works for the Centre for Political Research, supports the policy. She says there is currently a lot of talk about child poverty, without any focus on parents.

"The real way to help children out of poverty is to help their parents get a good job and move up the employment ladder. That helps them and the children as well."

Ms Newman says research shows that children living in poverty have parents on benefits.

National still haven't learned from their disasterous nine years in office during the 1990's - they still haven't earned the right to govern. Don't vote for th discredited right wing Tory party!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

What are we to believe about National's policies...

What are we to believe about National's policies? Will John Key resign or be "rolled" by Bill English early in 2011, if he(Key)is elected as prime minister this year. We all know that Billy English couldn't take on Aunty Helen head to head, anymore than the ridiculous Don Brash, though Donny did do better than most expected.

So was there some nefarious deal done between Key, English and the National Party? JK can get the kudos for being elected prime minister along with all the lifetime perks of superannuation and free transport for life, step aside or be "rolled" by Billy English in 2011 after Aunty Helen has gone on to new things. JK should have reasons to resign in 2011 - either the sale of Kiwibank or fiddling with National Super. Lets face it, the amiable Phil Goff hardly poses much opposition for Billy English.

The All Blacks have shown the way to the Labour Government when the polls indicated their demise!

In this life you read a bit, hear a bit and see a bit in your travels. Why does John Key have a pair of smelly jandals on the roof of his electoral office in Helensville, for instance.

Another in the X-curious realm is a story allegedly involving two television journalists and prime ministerial hopeful John Key during some light revelling one evening. JK made a strange comment in the course of emptying his pint, that he expected to be "rolled" by Billy English late in his first term as prime minister. He didn't appear to be too perturbed by the prospect - after all Kiwi taxpayers will look after him for the rest of his life. Just a taste of the good life and his photo in the hallway at Parliament House along with 'Mr Think Big' himself, the late Sir Rob Muldoon.

These are certainly interesting times, friends.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

John Key still flip-flopping towards the elections...

John Key is still flip-flopping towards the elections...

Can he get away with it? Are Kiwi voters so bloody stupid? I'm beginning to think so - the polls should show the parties closing towards each other now.

He supports 75% of the Labour Government's policies, but wants to turn NZ workers into servants. This is the 'Key difference' - the Employment Contracts Act "Mark Two" and privatisation of ACC.

As far as the privatisation of ACC goes, lets look at what Kiwis agreed to back in 1974: We gave up our right to sue our employers in court in exchange for a no-fault comprehensive cover for work and non-work accidents. We did not make any agreements with private insurance companies!!

Actually this whole ACC policy is aimed to get control of ACC's reserve funds of over six billion dollars to help pay for National's tax cuts!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

'Towards a Safer New Zealand' ideas to be considered

The Government is prepared to look at least one of the law and order policy ideas being put forward by the Police Association.

Police Association President Greg O'Connor this morning launched a policy document titled "Towards a Safer New Zealand".

It suggests investigating UK style antisocial behaviour orders, lowering the age of criminal responsibility, allowing DNA sampling of all arrested suspects, and penalties for defence lawyers who routinely contribute to court delays. Other recommendations include boosting frontline police resources and more amendments to bail laws.

Police Minister Annette King has already looked at UK antisocial behaviour orders and says they have aspects that are interesting.

"I think what we need to do is to test their workability in a New Zealand situation, because they are not a panacea, but they could be a tool."

Legislation allowing the use of antisocial behaviour orders in Rotorua is due to come before Parliament in the near future

Mrs King suggests the Police Association's call for lowering the age of criminal responsibility is not likely to gain Government support. She says it is internationally recognised that New Zealand has a good approach to youth crime issues.

Mrs King says New Zealand does not jail young offenders too early, because it would put them on the road to a life of crime among hardened criminals.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tide could be turning against The Tories...

Knowing that the latest opinion poll was going to show some movement betwwen the Labour and National - 8pts is pretty significant in my book - the Tories have really cranked up its attack on Winston Peters. Quite frankly, the public couldn't give a damn.

Is the 8pt movement an indication of the real political opinion in New Zealand at a particular point in time when opinion is not going to change the status quo but rather a proverbial kick up Labour's backside? Or is it showing the tide is slowly going out for National? They have to do a bit better than sending a few emails out showing so called policies(regurgitated 2005 policies). Privatising ACC so they can get hold of part of its 6 billion dollar reserves for tax cuts in 2009?

Still 12 weeks or so until the elections; thats rather a long time in politics, especially for a party without real, new policies! The National Party is hoping it can continue sleepwalking to victory with the media doing its work for them. It will take more than blatant negativity to get National back on the treasury benches it was kicked off for abusing its power in the 1990's. It will take positive reasons to reelect them back. They don't have a natural coalition partner in the MMP scenario, labour has at least two.

Labour has been a good government but has been embroilled in controversy because of media obsession with some of its minority social legislation which hasn't hurt New Zealanders one iota. IE: anti-smacking legislation has not resulted in good parents being dragged before the courts. Legislation that was only passed with National's help, recall! My money is on a another Labour coalition!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Universal student allowance is ten years overdue...

Universal student allowance is "ten years overdue"...

While one student leader sees a universal student allowance as "vote-grabbing", another says it would help plight of students

Victoria University's student leader says the possibility of Labour pledging a universal student allowance in its election campaign is ten years overdue.

The Government has crunched the numbers on the scheme and says it would cost more than $2 billion over four years, allowing 47,000 further students to access an allowance.

Victoria University Students' Association president Joel Cosgrove says at the last election Labour secured the vote of students and those attached to them with its student loan interest write offs.

Mr Cosgrove believes students will probably flock to the polls to vote for Labour once again if it announces a universal allowance scheme. He says he will not be among them, describing the idea as "a last ditch vote-grabbing attempt".

The Otago University Students Association say a universal allowance would go a long way to relieving the dire financial situation many students are in.

President Simon Wilson says he is glad the issue is on the agenda again. He says many Dunedin students are living a hand-to-mouth existence.

"In the past three years average student debt has risen by 54 percent. That's not all loan debt, in fact loan debt pretty much stayed the same, it's largely credit card debt and debt with banks, as the cost of living increases."

Compliments of 2008 NZCity, NewsTalkZB - 18-7-2008

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Government to beef up ER Act to protect temporary and casual workers...

The government has announced plans to beef up Employment Relations Act protection for temporary and casual staff

The government has announced plans to beef up Employment Relations Act protection for temporary and casual staff. It is also planning a campaign to make sure those workers are aware of their rights.

Council of Trade Unions spokeswoman Helen Kelly says the insecurity of such employment makes it difficult for those workers to assert their rights. She says many workers who are classified as casuals are expected to turn up on a regular basis, and are really no different from permanent workers. The Council of Trade Unions is welcoming the moves.

Ms Kelly says there is an army of casual employees, often low-paid workers, many of whom are insecure about their terms of employment, hours of work, and entitlements. She says today's announcement will be a real help for casual staff to get the rights at work the rest of the workforce have won.

While the Government is in this sympathetic frame of mind it should force employers to pay at least time and a half for overtime - I would have expected this to have happened afyer eight and a half years!

Monday, June 16, 2008

NZ Greens Party's 2008 Annual Confernce

Contact NZCity.

Green Party conference:

Deal with the Maori Party; a challenge for Fonterra; emissions trading; a lone protestor - day one at the Greens' conference
31 May 2008

The Green Party is holding its annual conference this weekend, on the Auckland University campus.

One of the party's co-leaders says deals could be struck between the Greens and the Maori Party when it comes to gathering support this election. Jeanette Fitzsimons says last election an accommodation was worked out where the Maori Party encouraged their supporters to give their party votes to the Greens. She says voters in the Maori seats will be able to work it out for themselves, but when you look at the numbers a party vote for the Maori Party won't increase its representation.

Ms Fitzsimons also urged Green Party supporters not to repeat the mistakes of 2005, telling them they should maximise the party vote. She says in 2005 voters who were scared of National under Don Brash thought they had to choose between their heart and their head in keeping him out. She says the result was National still almost made it in and voters were left with an arrangement that saw New Zealand First and United Future with cabinet posts. Ms Fitzsimons says that must not happen again.

The party also expressed the hope it would get what it is after from the Government's proposed emissions trading scheme. Support for the legislation is delicately poised, with the Greens demanding movement on agriculture and a reversal on the delayed introduction of transport if they are to support it. Ms Fitzsimons says negotiations with Labour are going well, and she appears confident the Greens will get concessions. She says when you hold the votes that will determine if the ETS passes or fails the chances of getting major change are quite realistic.

It was not been all organic wine and roses for the Green Party though. Delegates were greeted by a lone protester condemning the Party for supporting the Government's apology to Vietnam Veterans. He handed out pamphlets headed "why apologise to war criminals?"

Nelson based former MP Mike Ward proved to be a no-show for the event. He hit the headlines earlier this month when he refused to step aside from the Party's list, so co-leader Russel Norman could replace MP Nandor Tanczos in Parliament.

The Green Party conference continues tomorrow.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Just irresponsible politicking from Mr Flip Flop himself

John Key, 'Mr Flip Flop' himself, was just irresponsibly politicking when he announced tax cuts on an average of about $50.00 per week. Everybody wants more money but tax cuts ranging from about $10.00 per week(Chewing gum size) to $90.00 per week for those on higher incomes(the election bribe)lack credibility! Why not tax cuts of $50.00 per week across the board?

Because dear readers he isn't interested in the votes of the poor, just those of the greed freaks!

Where would Mr 'Flip Flop' Key get the money from for tax cuts of around $5 billion? Would he borrow for it? Or would he help himself to most of the ACC's reserves of Six million plus dollars when he privatises ACC early in his supposed first term?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Do you believe John Key's policy on P( methamphetamine) and organised crime...

Do you believe John Key's policy on P( methamphetamine)and organised crime? I have read it before. The late and legendary Labour PM, Norm Kirk, was going to take the bikes off the bikies back in the 70's. Was he successful? Of course he wasn't!

Policies on drug manufacture and distribution have been piecemeal and uncoordinated. There needs to be a comprehensive policy on organised crime and drugs manufacture and distribution.

How do you stop gangs from being successful? Stop their means of funding and recruitment.

A coordinated and comprehensive policy on organised crime needs to be implemented, and an election campaign is not the best time to see this become a reality. Only a newly elected government would have the credibility to be successful in this area.

John Key is just politicking without any real ideas on how this could be achieved. The Government has some emerging policies which should be considered first.

Monday, April 14, 2008

National continues to flip-flop like never before...

National continues to flip-flop like never before. Labour continues to release policies and governs New Zealand well. The economic signs for the future are a little disturbing, but Labour will deliver what it believes is necessary, and tax cuts have now become part of Labour's economic strategy, along with a continuation of the Working For Families policy. Labour is a real Government!

Labour realises that not all New Zealand families and many individuals do not qualify for WFF assistance and tax cuts are necessary to help these people in deterioating economic times.

What would National do? Give some tax cuts, but they are not sure how much and when. Perhaps in 2010. Yeah right!

National has said that state assets will not be sold in their first term; but what about the second if New Zealanders were so bloody stupid to vote them in in the first place?

The present National Party is totally inept, inexperienced and lacks real leadership. John Key is a smiling hyena and Bill English is a nice guy who would have learned a few things if he had been in the Labour Party. Would you vote this bunch to run your local kindergarten? Get real! Give the kids a chance, Fred.

National will continue to flip-flop all the way to this years elections! They dont have any real policies that genuine Kiwis would want in any case.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The return of the grim reaper of NZ politics - Sir Roger Douglas...


Sir Roger Douglas returns to haunt the nation in general, and the National Party in particular.

Dompost columnist Richard Long, part of the National Party's propaganda team during the illfated Don Brash-led National Party election campaign in 2005, was so nostalgic about the Rogernomics policies that weren't - 23% flat tax and over 300,000 Kiwis unemployed if David Lange didn't stop for that cuppa!

Without exaggeration we would have had a private health scheme - with a standard of health care dependant on how much private health insurance you could afford and charity hospitals for those with nothing, and ditto for education.

The one great and marvellous thing about the return of the 'grim reaper is that National would need the Act party as a coalition partner under MMP, despite the ridiculouslsy high polls for National in recent months, despite the utterances of John Key to the contary.

There will be demands by the white-haired New Right Marketeer for a seat at the Cabinet table, and policies such as privatisation of all remaining state assets, 15% tax, education vouchers and private health insurance for all! I presume the police and defence force will be privatised too - constables and privates purchasing their own equipment, perhaps?

Friday, March 28, 2008

The NAT flip-floppers will need Douglas...

The tide is turning for the Nats, or is it the Gnats? The latest polls show National have lost ground again - by 5 pts this time. Blunders by John Key are beginning to impact on their credibility. The 'flip-flopper' is beginning to be found out.

The announcement that Sir Roger Douglas has joined the Act Party would have gone down like a lead balloon. He will haunt National as much as the nation.The National Party needs a coalition partner, and they will be thin on the ground. NZ First is not even registering beyond 2%. Winston couldn't be trusted anyway.The Greens and the Maori Party will not support National, even if they might appear to suggest possible future support.

Labour carry's on governing the nation. National doesn't look like an alternative government.To its benefit, Labour has shed much of its weedstalk. Many of its policy initiatives are bearing fruit. Kiwisaver is a massive success. And othersnwill follow suit. Who wants a Tory government anyway?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Helen Clark right to apologise for the 4th Labour Government...

I congratulate and as a New Zealander, accept Helen Clark's apology for the excesses of the Fourth Labour Government, of which she was a cabinet minister. That government had never been given a mandate for its market economic policies. Some have said that retrospectively speaking its economic policies were badly needed. I don't know about that, but New Zealand as we knew it was changed for ever in many respects.

What the Fourth Labour government did was to provide a springboard for the subsequent National Party government's even more excessive economic and social policies, such as the Employment Contracts Act, which harmed new Zealand socially more than any policy in sixty years, outside the 1951 Holland Emergency Powers regulations during the Watersiders Lockout.

The ECA on its own disempowered the trade union movement, reduced real wages, gave employers the flexibility to totally change the hours of work from 40 hours to a seven day week economy without, in many cases, any compensation for extra hours worked; and destroyed many full time positions in the process, replacing them with part-time and temporary positions, something not changed to this day . Double overtime rates have become a historical curiosity - many workers lost 100-200 dollars a week from the initial changes. Senior workers became the biggest casualties of such changes. Employers were very happy and grateful for the millions of dollars in savings made because of the imposition of the ECA on the New Zealand workforce.

The Lange/ Douglas regime used its anti-nuclear legislation to hide the affects of its market economic 'Rogernomics' from the New Zealand population. Initially Lange didn't want a bar of the anti-nuclear legislation, but soon came around to the Douglas cliche way of thinking. Lange became an ardent public supporter of the anti-nuclear legislation, using his impressive oratory powers to convince doubters of its value to NZ. Even the following National Government was loath to make any changes, because of the value of the legislation to NZ as a country.

Helen Clark was a female member of a sexist cabinet and was advised to keep her head down, perform her duties and not to interfere in other portfolios. Being politically ambitious she wisely accepted the advice given, and has politically outlived the others in that government. She has become a survivor and the New Zealand people have benefitted from her three terms as one of New Zealand's most capable prime minister's of a most progressive government.

As I wrote earlier, I thank Helen Clark for her apologies of being involved in the excesses of Rogernomics. She must be elected for a fourth term as prime minister. We must continue with a progressive left of centre government. We can not afford as a nation and a society to a return to a reactionary right wing administration.

Monday, March 3, 2008

National and Labour are the same," aren't they? "

A woman talkback caller claimed that National and Labour are the same,"aren't they?" Yeah right. Like chalk and cheese,brother!

To ask such a question proves that National is the party out of touch; and has been for well over a decade. While their economics are similar, their health and education policies are philosophically different; socially, National is on a different planet.

Labour accepts it has a responsibility to all sectors and minority groups. And has legislated with that in mind. As a consequence they are accused of having a hidden social agenda - which is a load of unadulterated horse manure; and the media knows it full well!

National philosophically supports a property and asset owning minority. And will legislate with that in mind! It will move assets from the majority lower middle and working class to upper middle and upper class of NZ society. It did that back in the Bolger/Shipley 1990's - but rightwingers don't like to be reminded of the past - but we remember them. Lest we forget!

Labour has to be re-elected later this year; New Zealand's future depends on it! If National is elected later in the year,NZ society will split down the middle in a year or two.

Labour has failed to sell itself. It has failed to recognise it has been under an almost unprecedented attack since last election day. National feel they were robbed and had victory taken off them.The fact of the matter is they didn't fully understand MMP.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He who casts the first stone - National's corruption may be hidden...

TODAY Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen is rejecting claims by National that the controversy surrounding Labour's biggest donor amounts to corruption and suggests National has escaped unscathed from similar criticism because its backers are a mystery. Great story - read on!

Expatriate Owen Glenn has rejected as a joke reports he was offered the role of Transport Minister. He now hopes to become New Zealand's honorary consul in Monaco. Also under scrutiny is Mr Glenn's recent New Year's honour, his previous half a million dollar's worth of donations to Labour, and a $100,000 interest free loan also given to the party.

National MP Maurice Williamson is accusing Labour of corruption and predicts the Glenn controversy will be its downfall, but Dr Cullen says no one knows if National Party funders have been honoured, because no one knows who the party's donors are. He says thanks to National's use of secret trusts, its backers are more anonymous than most of its MPs.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Education, training or boot camp until 18 years - good or bad...

Education: You immediately get the typical conservative punitive reaction. The lowest negative common denominator from the master of the flip-flop himself, John Key.Not in so many words, but the meaning is clear: boot camps are an option and the defence force would have no room to complain. Typical Tory arrogance. Alternative prime minister? Yeah right!

At least from the PM, Helen Clark,its positive and with options. Its not all tied up with staying at school untl kids are 18 years old. It can be academic, trade training, and open to other training for possible employment outside of the traditional avenues.

Lets wait a while until the rhetoric bcomes actual policy.

Friday, January 11, 2008

National's ACC policies just a ploy to grab ACC's $6 billion reserves...

The decision by National for compulsory competition from foreign insurance companies in the accident insurance area, if New Zealand is unfortunate and stupid enough to allow the election of a fascist inclined government in November, is really just a ploy to allow National to get hold of ACC's Six billion dollar reserves.

Despite the bullying behaviour of longterm claimants by ACC, the scheme is still the best in the world in accident insurance compensation.

The real effect of such a policy would weaken ACC in the accident insurance market in New Zealand.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Condemn the congregation of fascist Tories of New Zealand

Well, let the Tories of New Zealand congregate in the middle of the road and get run over if they are not taking care. I predicted a long time ago they would declare all out war on real New Zealand and New Zealanders. Once the results of the last election became obvious, they have continued their dirty little war. In certain places and during times in the past,fascistly inclined people were strung up or shoved against a wall and shot!. Many of these Tories are not real Kiwis, just ratbags who happened to be born here. They don't wish to share NZ with us lesser types who may 'use up too much' of our resources. They want an unfair share and advantage.

Many of them were born into privilege or had the opportunity to attend private schools and university and not concern themselves too much with earning a living. The majority of us have to,or have had to over decades. Eight years of a Labour led government has supported an increased health system and educational opportunities in New Zealand. Unemployment figures have beeen slashed during the last few years. Those on benefits and on lower wages have been greatly supported, and special assistance given to families through the Working for Families scheme. So much was achieved in the very first term with income related rents for state house tenants and the creation of Kiwi Bank to help those further down the queue. The Superannuation Fund and Kiwisaver are longer term benefits to New Zealand and New Zealanders. Tax reduction and changes to the tax system itself were always going to be achieved this year as the economy improved.

The government's weakness has been its lack of self promotion, and lack of self discipline among its ministers - we have had the best and strongest prime minister since Peter Fraser. Both Peter Fraser and Helen Clark have had to deal with dangerous fascists. The fight is not yet over!

The so-called social engineering claims by the Tories are all hot air, smoke and mirrors, and the proverbial load of codswallop. Each policy and piece of legislation can stand on its own individually and be credited for its humanitarianism. Minorities are entitled to the same rights and protection as those of the majority. Many have been based on health and safety if one wishes to debate the matter. It doesn't really matter if there may well have been other ways to achieve the same results - that was the route decided to achieve these outcomes for our minority groups. By and large the major churches supported the results of these humanitarian campaigns.

Fundamentalist religious minorities such as the Exclusive Brethren who tried in vain to "buy" the last election with million dollar support of the fascistly inclined, came out and condemned the minority rights legislation. They claim to be Christians, but Jesus Christ himself would have physically ejected these hypocrites and child-beaters from the temples. They will be the ones to burn in hell- to proverbially burn in hell here on earth!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Labour must be elected for a fourth term...

It is now 2008 and there is an election in about 11 months or so. It will be one of the most important elections and watersheds in New Zealand political and electoral history. It is extremely important that New Zealand gets this fourth term. Forget the propaganda of the last year - National has been spreading the political manure around by the truckload - they don't have any policy to hang their credibility on. They don't have any credibility, no policy and no party. They are a bunch of right wing apologists.

Forget the Electoral Finance Act; I haven't lost any democratic rights. I can feel more comfortable in bed knowing that religious extremists won't be given another opportunity to try and buy another election. I still have those pamphlets delivered to my letter box during the last election campaign. I actually felt quite indignant receiving that fascist propaganda in my box. They are actually a bunch of hypocritical bastards considering they don't believe in the electoral process.

John Key was right up to his little red right wing neck during that campaign - he stood a little to the rear and to the left of Fuhrer Brash, but he knew about those meetings between Brash, other party leaders, and the Exclusive Brethren. John Key may have, and he may not have, participated in these meetings. But he can not, two years later, deny he knew they happened.

Neither John Key or the National Party are fit to govern; of course they think they have a divine right to rule. If Satan is successful this year, like he was back in 1990, we will need plenty of God's help. Of course we can assist God by not voting for a fascist political party. Labour must lead the next government back to the front benches. Helen Clark must lead the country for a historical fourth term. our future depends on it. Democracy depends on it!