Sunday, December 27, 2009

Helen clark spending her holiday in NZ...

Helen Clark spending holiday in NZ...

Former prime minister Helen Clark is spending her holiday back home in New Zealand.

She says she is enjoying time out from her busy job as head of the United Nations Development Programme.

Helen Clark will spend time at the beach and in the countryside, and hopes to do some hiking as well before returning to New York City in the new year.

Come back Helen - your country needs you. A smiling political lightweight just doesn't do it for me. The key doesn't fit the lock, either!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Kiwi blogger Whaleoil to be prosecuted...

"The man who writes Whaleoil, one of the country's best known blogs, is being prosecuted for what police say is breach of court suppression orders.

Cameron Slater is the first New Zealand blogger to be taken to court instead of just warned.

He has removed the items from his website after advice that if he didn't, he could be fined $5000 a day.

It is a tricky name and shame campaign which has landed the right wing blogger, known as Whaleoil, in hot water with the law.

Slater says he is being prosecuted for naming two celebrities on his blog.

“I've allegedly named two celebrities or so called celebrities on my blog - that’s what the police have alleged,” he says.

But it wasn't words that Slater posted on his blog; it was a series of pictures which the police say reveals the identities of two high profile people with name suppression for separate sexual offences.

“They've got form - they've got history - ones been in the slammer before so I couldn't see a reason why they should have name suppression,” he says.

Slater says he hasn't named anyone - just posted a series of random pictures, but media expert Martin Hirst believes that is enough to get him busted.

“Perhaps he was thinking that this was a clever way to get around the whole legal problem he's now facing, obviously the prosecutors had a different idea,” he says.

Posting the pictures was a protest by Slater at the way suppression orders are granted.

Although the internet has become a popular place for publishing suppressed material this is the first time a blogger will be brought before the courts.

Slater will be appearing at the Auckland District Court on January 5, he says he will fight any charges and that pictures will form part of his defence."

So what does this mean for other bloggers? Well, in my opinion there are two issues here. Whaleoil has broken a specific suppression order and law: Firstly,he released informed suppressed by the courts. He hasn't been denied the opportunity to release general information in his blog. New Zealand is not Fiji, China, Iran or Zimbabwe in this respect. Secondly, his opinion about the suppression law is a different issue, and I'm inclined to support him to some degree: Some people have their names suppressed during court trials for pretty flimsy reasons at times. So for the latter: Go for it Whaleoil!

From Down by the HuttRiver

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What a great Christmas message to beneficiaries from National Scrooge...

What a great Christmas message to beneficiaries from National Scrooge...

Govt announces changes to dole. Wellington People's Centre spokeswoman Kay Brereton says cuts will create underclass

There is confirmation from the top that the Government will be taking a serious look at the way unemployment beneficiaries are managed.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has indicated those receiving the dole may be taken off the benefit and made to re-apply for it if they have been receiving it for a 12 month period.

Acting Prime Minister Bill English says National did flag the idea in its pre-election manifesto last year and intends following through on its undertaking. He says it is really important when the job market is starting to pick up that people are given the signal that the dole is a transitional benefit.

However there are fears limiting unemployment benefits will create a desperate underclass in New Zealand.

Wellington People's Centre spokeswoman Kay Brereton says the move is outrageous and will only create a desperate underclass doing anything they can to survive. She says that is a recipe for a sick society and is a kick in the guts from the Government for Christmas.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Shane Jones and the Labour Party.Next year may be your year. Have a great 2010.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

NZ Holidays under threat - thin edge of the wedge...

Holidays under threat - thin edge of the wedge...

The unions say the government has completed a review of the Holidays Act and wants to change the way leave is calculated.

Unions are outraged at what they believe is a move by the Government to cut holiday entitlements.

A review of the Holidays Act has been completed, and Labour Minister Kate Wilkinson is indicating she will accept a recommendation for workers to be able to cash in exchange for a week of their annual leave.

CTU President Helen Kelly says it will have a huge impact on families on low wages, who will feel forced to give up part of their holidays just for cash to survive. She says while employers want struggling families to be able to exchange their leave, the solution to the problem is higher wages.

Ms Kelly says the Government should honour its election promise to protect workers' leave entitlements.

In addition, a change in the way annual leave is calculated will lessen its value for workers. As well as cashing in the fourth week of annual leave, there is talk of a new formula for calculating sick leave.

Ms Kelly is alarmed the Minister may be considering such changes. She says it will mean some people will not receive the same amount of pay on leave as they would if they worked. Ms Kelly says the CTU will be campaigning hard to protect all leave entitlements.

National wants to reduce holidays. If workers do cash in on their holiday pay, National will eventually say they don't need or want an extra week.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Asset sales in a second National administration...

Asset sales were always on the cards...

Labour claims National is softening up voters for a programme of state asset sales which would take place if it gets a second term in office.

Finance Minister Bill English delivered his Budget Policy Statement yesterday which shows the economy has turned the corner. The economic recovery has occurred earlier than forecast at the time of the Budget. The unemployment peak is now estimated at seven percent early next year and not the previous estimate of eight percent late next year. Future budget deficits have been revised down but it will still be 2016 before surpluses return.

Mr English also warned that the Government is examining the risks of owning state assets and identified SOEs Cordia, TVNZ, Kiwirail and New Zealand Post as companies that are struggling and are not keeping pace with change.

Labour MP David Cunliffe says that smells like an asset sales programme looming.

"New Zealand Post is an extremely profitable centre for the government. It's also the owner of Kiwibank, the only domestic bank in New Zealand. This government would sell us down the river."

The Government's books will be in the red at least until 2016.

Asset sales are a total unnecessity - we need public assets for when there is an economic recovery. NZ Post/Kiwibank is not struggling, and rail is the future around the world; in some countries competing well against air travel. It would be totally stupid to privatise our public assets.

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Monday, December 7, 2009

"Boy rider" Hone Hariwera being investigated...

"Boy Rider" Hone Harawwira being investigated...

Complaints laid with police after Hone Harawira filmed riding motorbike on forecourt of Parliament not wearing a helmet.

Maori Party MP Hone Harawira is being investigated by police after riding a motorcycle on Parliament's forecourt without wearing a helmet.

The incident happened a few months ago when the Maori Party MP was filmed meeting anti-violence campaigners. Two viewers have laid official complaints and it will be up to police to determine if the area in front of Parliament's steps is a road and therefore a place where the MP should have been wearing a helmet.

Mr Harawira is spending the rest of the Parliamentary year in his Te Tai Tokerau electorate after the Maori Party decided not to expel him over the racially abusive email he sent to a critic of his side trip to Paris while on Parliamentary businesses in Brussels.

He has since paid back part of the cost of the sightseeing trip at the request of Speaker Lockwood Smith.

Friday, December 4, 2009

What would you expect from Invercargill...

What would you expect from Invercargill...

Some nightclubs and bars are resisting Invercargill City Council's move to close them down earlier.

At the moment the night spots can stay open till 4.30am and some of the the licenses with that closing time are valid for a couple more years. But the Invercargill council has brought in a new policy to have licensed premises closed by 3am.

Councillor Darren Ludlow says its disappointing some bar owners are not playing ball. He says the council was looking for an accord that would bring everyone into line to shut down at 3am. He says they have not been able to get everyone to agree and it is frustrating.

Mr Ludlow says from now on all new liquor licenses issued will stipulate premises close at 3am.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hone Harawira's behaviour unacceptable to the Maori party...

Tariana Turia says the Maori Party has been flooded with abusive angry emails in response to Hone Harawira's tirade

A reluctant Tariana Turia has finally answered media questions over the Hone Harawira email saga.

After refusing to front on the issue, the Maori Party co-leader had no choice when door-stopped by reporters this afternoon.

When asked how damaging Mr Harawira's expletive-laden email has been, Mrs Turia admitted it has caused considerable damage to the Maori Party. She says it has been been flooded with abusive and angry emails in return.

"Of course it's distressing to find that our relationships with the public are particularly fragile. And that's what we've noticed from the responses that have come in."

Mrs Turia says the past week has been very tough.

"I think that what was in the email was particularly distressing. There's no doubt that number one - nobody likes to be spoken to in that manner. No one likes abusive emails, least of all myself. So I have found that incredibly distressing."

Mrs Turia says Mr Harawira's behaviour is unacceptable and the Maori Party leadership is taking the matter very seriously. She says a decision on possible disciplinary action will be made at tomorrow's hui in Kaitaia.

As far as the public is concerned, the Maori Party is dog tucker at the next elections!

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Government accused of not taking the issue of cancer seriously...

Demand for melanoma awareness:

Cancer Society spokeswoman Judith Galtry says the government must raise melanoma awareness among young people

The Government is under fire for not appearing to take the issue of skin cancer control seriously enough.

The Cancer Society has released figures today showing the disease costs the health system more than $57 million a year. Spokeswoman Judith Galtry says there should be more funding for a schools sun protection programme. She says part of the problem is the issue is being sent backwards and forwards between the Ministries of Health and Education.

Dr Galtry says neither ministry appears to support the programme, despite the fact it is very successful. She says young people are at a higher risk of melanoma and early learning can be effective for establishing good practices throughout life.

Dr Galtry says skin cancer prevention is highlighted as a priority in the Cancer Control Strategy developed by Government and non-Government agencies.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Badly behaved Mongrel Mob members get the boot...

Badly behaved Mob members get the boot...

The Hastings Mongrel Mob is throwing out members who behave badly, a number have been de-patched in the past year.

The Mongrel Mob is trying to amend past wrong-doings in Hastings by kicking out badly-behaving members.

Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule has been meeting with senior gang members to try to find long-term solutions to youth gangs and anti-social behaviour in the area.

He says the Mongrel Mob is starting to listen to the community's concerns.

"They have de-patched a number of members in the last year because of certain incidents. They basically said that if they wanted to belong to a gang then they need to behave, basically."

Mr Yule says the Mongrel Mob admits that criminal behaviour stems from high unemployment

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kiwi anti-boy racing (hoons) legislation - long overdue...

New Zealand anti-boy-racer laws passed into law last night, banning cruising along some roads; car crushing legislation voted on today. Dealing to the hoons.

A major crackdown on boy racers comes into force in December, which will prohibit them from 'cruising' along some roads.

The anti-boy-racer legislation passed last night .

The Land Transport (Enforcement Powers) Amendment Act is one of six major law and order bills being pushed through Parliament under urgency over the next two weeks.

Transport Minister Steven Joyce says the new legislation will give greater powers for police to impound vehicles involved in street racing.

"It's been a long wait. There have been number of attempts in Parliament to deal with it. This is a major step forward I believe, in terms of tackling this issue, by dealing with the things that the illegal street racers hold dear - their vehicles and their licences."

Mr Joyce says cities which have constant problems with boy racers such as Christchurch, will also be able to put in place bylaws prohibiting them from driving along certain roads.

The act also features a ban on driving while affected by benzodiazepine, a prescription sedative and anti-anxiety medication that is often used as a sleeping pill.

The car crushing legislation will be voted on later today.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Was six years for corruption enough for Phillip Field...

Disgraced former Labour MP and cabinet minister Phillip Field is probably more of a natural National Party member. they are all potentially corrupt! Word is he gave himself that Samoan chiefly title of "Taito". Doesn't warrant it any more the decrepit vagabond. He has been given six years for corruption and deserves every year he serves. He is the first New Zealand member of parliament to be imprisoned for corruption. Well the first to get caught - there could have been more in the late 80's and 90's.

This "helpful" individual did what is culturally common in Samoan society? Don't think so folks! Give our Samoan neighbours and cousins a little more credit than that!

He helped Thai nationals gain help with immigration matters they were not entitled to - in return for tiling work on his "houses" free of charge. Yeah right! A most helpful little rogue.

He brought New Zealand's credibility into disrepute. He was corrupt and deserves imprisonment - was six years enough?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Farewell to NZ's clean and green image - very likely "green activists" claim...

Farewell to New Zealand's clean and green image - very likely "green activists" claim...

A cash starved National Government considers allowing mining in Department of Conservation Estates in both North and South Island national parks. Will it be farewell to New Zealand's clean and green image? Opponents claim it could; the Green Party has actually produced a list of likely sites for potential exploitation. Mining and conservation are not great bedmates. Read further:

Green campaigners are not buying the Government line that there is nothing to fear in mining Department of Conservation (DOC) land.

The Green Party has produced a list of sites at threat of possible exploitation, while Greenpeace says the countryside is under attack, and it too is preparing for battle.

The Waituna Lagoon in Southland, the Aspiring National Park and Paparoa National Park on the West Coast, Kahurangi National Park at the top of the South Island and the whole of the Coromandel are all under threat.

Geoff Keey from Greenpeace is not buying the claim high value conservation land is not at risk - saying the country is under attack.

Greenpeace is concerned the DOC estate will be stripped.

"The very things we use to promote our clean green image - our national parks, our wildlife refuges, all the really important things, are under attack,” Mr Keey says.

But Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee has scotched such suggestions.

“No one would want to see those ripped up in anyway whatsoever,” he says.

Industry experts like Eddie Davis from Minerals West Coast say there is a middle ground for both mining and conservation.

“I think everybody in our industry is for that type of thing but we just need trade-offs. Don't stop one for the sake of the other,” Mr Davis says.

“What I really want to do is get DOC and Crown Minerals talking to each other rather than over top of each other,” says Mr Brownlee.

Pike River mine in Greymouth is being held up as a shining example of sustainability in action.

When the coal is exhausted in a few decades time, the entire operation will be dismantled and the site returned to the forest.

Mr Brownlee says the recently created Oteaki Park in Southland is another indication of what is possible.

"We kept out of that park 200h because there might at some point some mineral value that could be readily accessed on that little bit of it,” he says.

However, Greens co-leader Russel Norman is not convinced.

“National parks are national treasures, and any government that threatens to destroy those national treasures by mining is betraying future generations,” he says.

"Mining is not compatible with doesn't work together,” adds Mr Keey.

Greenpeace are demanding answers from the mining industry about the proposed mining in national parks.

Raping the environment, Key and National! Stand down and resign now! Get out of politics!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Key Government a one term government...

The John Key led National government is a one term government if there was ever one, but is Phil Goff the answer to a Labour led government? Is he pressing the right buttons and getting onside with voters?

Apolgising for the alleged sins of the last Labour Government isn't something i would be doing if I was Phil Goff, a man who was incidently a delegate to labour party conferences I attended nearly thirty years ago.

Remenber this Phil, you will never be fit or good enough to lace up Helen Clark's shoes now or in the future,

Are you a future prime minister?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

NZ mortgagee sales hit record high -

NZ mortgagee sales hit record high - life in "the brave new world" of a John key government...

Terralink International says mortgagee sales in New Zealand have hit an all time high for the month of june, 298 and rising

Mortgagee sales have hit an historic high, with numbers almost tripling since the same time last year.

Terralink International has released figures for registered mortgagee sales in June. It says there were 289 of them - against 98 registered sales in June 2008.

Managing Director Mike Donald says Queenstown, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Taranaki and Northland have been hardest hit. He says it is probably due to the recession starting to bite, with job losses and small businesses not generating enough for the owner to pay their mortgage.

Mike Donald expects mortgagee sales will continue to rise.

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Kiwi woman sacked for sending 'confrontational' emails...

Woman sacked for sending 'confrontational' emails - life in the "brave new world" of a John Key government?

Vicki Walker is calling for greater protection for white-collar workers after she was sacked because of 'confrontational' emails she had sent

An Auckland accountant was sacked for sending "confrontational" emails with words in red, in bold and in capital letters.

Vicki Walker, who was a financial controller with ProCare Health, has been awarded $17,000 for unfair dismissal, and plans to lodge an appeal for further compensation.

She is now speaking out, calling for greater protection for white-collar workers from the financial, emotional and mental stresses involved in a dispute with a big corporate employer.

"I am a single woman with a mortgage, and I had to re-mortgage my home and borrow money from my sister to make it through," she said. "They nearly ruined my life."

The Employment Relations Authority ruled that Walker was not fairly terminated from her position after sending the emails to co-workers.

ProCare told the authority Walker - who was fired in December 2007 after two years of employment - had caused disharmony in the workplace by using block capitals, bold typeface and red text in her emails.

She had also acted provocatively in seeking to view complaints laid against her by colleagues.

But Walker said they talked about a number of emails she had sent, yet used only one in evidence. The email, which advises her team how to fill out staff claim forms, specifies a time and date highlighted in bold red, and a sentence written in capitals and highlighted in bold blue. It reads: "To ensure your staff claim is processed and paid, please do follow the below checklist."

As part of her compensation, Walker was awarded nearly $6000 in lost wages for the 13 weeks between leaving ProCare and finding a new job, but she says she didn't find fulltime work until October 2008.

Walker was also awarded $11,500 for any harm caused through her dismissal.

"To say that [email] is confrontational is ridiculous," says Walker. "I have spent thousands defending myself and there are so many issues that are unresolved that I want to take them up on."

Authority member Alastair Dumbleton said Ms Walker received no warnings, and while she had contributed to disharmony in the workplace it was not to the extent that dismissal was fair or reasonable.

She had been a capable and competent employee, he said. ProCare did not have a style or etiquette guide for employees using email, so it was not clear what was regarded as unacceptable communication.

ProCare did not respond to a request for comment on the compensation.

Another example of life in the "brave new world" of a John key government?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Political firestorm - implicating national MP in possible immigration scam...

Political firestorm set to explode;

Labour will today release information from an informant which implicates a National MP in a possible immigration scam

Immigration New Zealand has asked police to look into the activities of an immigration consultant with connections to National MP Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi.

The department says it received information last month concerning Mr Singh Bakshi and interviewed an informant. As a result it decided to refer the case to police.

It is understood the case centres on allegations false job offers have been used to secure visas and permits for immigrants.

Police confirm they are investigating an immigration consultant, but say the man has now left the country. They are not commenting further, nor making any statement about Mr Singh Bakshi's connection.

Mr Singh Bakshi is unavailable for comment, but he has previously denied he has broken any rules in relation to immigration matters. He is currently six weeks into an eight week absence from Parliament, as he recovers from heart bypass surgery.

The Labour Party will be gunning for the National MP in Parliament this afternoon. Labour MP Pete Hodgson says he will go public with a statement from an informant. His comments will be protected by Parliamentary privilege.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Paula Bennet being investigated by the Privacy Commission

Bennett investigated by Privacy watchdog...

Privacy Commission is investigating the Social Development Ministry and Paula Bennett over release of info about beneficiaries

The Privacy Commissioner has confirmed her office is investigating Paula Bennett and the Social Development Ministry.

Marie Shroff recently received a complaint about both, after the Social Development Minister revealed the welfare payments being received by two solo mothers.

The women had publicly complained about the Government's decision to scrap the Training Incentive Allowance.

Ms Shroff says the Privacy Act requires her office to conduct investigations in a confidential manner.

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Friday, July 31, 2009

Madam, your blue slip is showing...

Madam, your slip is showing. Remember that saying? What it means here is the National Party is clearly showing its philosophy and its short and medium term intentions. It has no policies to enact just yet. Its conference will deal with what it will enact in its second term.

A nationwide cycleway? Jesus Christ would have a fit laughing over that one. 300 potential jobs when 50,000 have been lost and another 40,000 by the end of next year.

John Key is actually quite a nice and affable bloke. His role is to lull Kiwis into false sense of security. He doesn't need the prime minister's salary and expense account - as Michael Cullen said, he's a rich prick!!!

It is a pretty good bet that Happy Johny is keeping Billy the Kid English's prime ministerial seat warm intil he is ready. John will attempt to win National a second term amd stand down. He will then be given an overseas posting within the next year.

Bill English and a second generation of New Right privateers will sell the remaining New Zealand family jewels to the highest bidder! Sir John and Sir Bill? yeah right!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

National is a one term government but...

National is - should be a one term government. It has renegued on its only real policy - tax cuts! It is making a hash of everything else as this inexperienced and inept group of politicians blunders from one crisis to the next.

Its only saving grace is that the opposition Labour Party lacks leadership since Helen Clark and Michael Cullen gave Labour and the country the flick.

If there is an alternative to blundering 'FIll In' Phil Goff it needs to come forward now, because National has signalled it will return to privatisation in a new and real way in its second term.

New Zealand needs that leadership now! It will have enough time to gain experience and public exposure. If it leaves it too late, National may be tempted to call an early election to stymie any future Labour plans!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Somebody moved some rocks...

Somebody moved some rocks and something horrible wriggled out from underneath.

Something that has lain dormant for a few years - the souls of the 1980's and the 1990's - something horrible and yellow, just like Rodney Hide's jacket. The stench was unbearable - those rotten New Right policies that nearly disembowelled New Zealand society - that P word! Not methamphetamine but almost as bad for New Zealand and its people.

Privatisation!!! Yes, you may shout!!! But privatisation of the welfare system. The target would be massive reductions in welfare benefits with massive incentives too!

With unemployment at 50,000 and rising just like the 1990's and expected to climb to 90,000 in a year.

Well Johnnie Key, people are often judged by those they associate with. In your case the politically naieve Maori Party and the well discredited ACT Party.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The foreshore and seabed belong to all New Zealanders...

The foreshore and seabed belong to all New Zealanders. Maori and Pakeha should continue to have their unfettered right of access to the foreshore and seabed, for leisure or for the taking of seafood,fishing, gathering seaweed and driftwood etc.

Ownership doesn't come into it. Freehold title should not even be considered. Stop making political capital out of Kiwis rights.

While Maori are technically indigenous to New Zealand because they were the first migrants to these shores, it hardly stacks up to the Australian Aboriginals 50,000 years in Australia, does it?

We need to sort out all outstanding the problems before we start considering turning NZ into a republic. It will come when the Aussies start debating the matter. It will come when Queen Elizabeth 11 dies; because there is no way that pommy fool, Prince Charles, will ever be the monarch and King of New Zealand - we have a Maori King and he is more credible than that pommy twit back in Buckingham Palace.

I don't believe Prince William would be even more acceptable, either! History is shortly to be made, whether in a few years or more. However, the Treaty of Waitangi will become a casualty of a change to a republic. Who knows, we may be asked to consider joining an Australasian Republic as we were when an Australasian Commonwealth was being considered in 1901. We declined then, and an Australian Commonwealth was formed instead. NZ went on to become a Dominion of New Zealand.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The cracks are showing and National is a one term government...

The cracks are showing, and the National Government has shown it really wants to continue privatising in one form or another, and even extend that to education.

There is no place for private/state partnerships in NZ. These partnerships would be at the expence of the state and the taxpayer. I don't believe the state should subsidise private education. If people want to send their children to private schools they should privately finance them.

John Key is struggling to manage his right wing cabinet members, and those foolish ones outside of cabinet. ACT NZ is a fascist party and is dog-tucker; and the Maori Party is all washed up but doesn't know it! Turiana Turia is standing down next time, and only Pita Sharples has the personal mana to get re-elected; the rest are political deadbeats!

The National Government is a one term government, and it is showing! Many people who voted for National now regret it, and realise they only reacted against what they perceived were nanny state policies of the previous Labour - led administration. They now realise that Labour had been a pretty good government over nine years, and Helen Clark had been one of the great political manager of all time!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

NZ the way you want it...

David Shearer will win the MT Albert by-election tomorrow by the proverbial country mile from one of the most stupid women in politics, Melissa Lee.

Richard Worth has no value within the National Government any more. Not worth the worry!

National's policies are a dogs breakfast in any case. Nine day fortnights, cycle tracks from the North Cape to the Bluff. Boot camps for the biggest and baddest young crims. Privatising ACC. Scrapping adult training programs. Yeah right!

Starting to sound like Rob Muldoon's "NZ the way you want it." Yeah right again! A national disgrace and disaster. Have you noticed we no longer have regular political polls? I wonder why?

David Bain is not guilty. But is he really innocent? Who shot Robin Bain? Was O.J. Simpson innocent?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bain is a pain, National is down, and no capital gains tax please...

David Shearer to romp home in the Mount Albert by-election. You'd think Helen was still in residence.

For what it is worth - the jury got it wrong in the Bain Retrial. How could you get a result such as this after a trial; an unsuccessful appeal to the Appeal Court; an unsuccessful appeal to the Privy Council, and later a successful appeal to have the verdict overturned. There is no proof that Robin Bain did it either! If not David or his father - who? Do we have a double jeopardy provison in NZ law for capital offences considering a precedent was set in the UK a few years ago. NZ follows the Uk in most of its legal provisions.You never know, it may happen here in the next ten years too!

We do not have and should not have a Capital gains tax in NZ. Homebuyers have already paid tax on the money they are using to buy, or have bought homes.

The rot is setting in in National. The only way is...down,down!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Budget - slash and burn and no credibility...

The budget - slash and burn the media said. Yeah right!

This excuse for a PM and a government came to power - in fact they campaigned for a year before - on tax cuts, tax cuts! I think there was even a song about it - tax cuts!

They won the election through false presenting themselves - false pretences is a criminal offence.

Even they have any credibility at all, they will call an early election to get a mandate to govern!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lee and Rankin - featherweights and featherheads...

Has the National Party lost it's mojo just six months after winning the last elections?

Inane comments from Melissa Lee and Christine Rankin won't help their future chances at Mount Albert or any other bi-election.

They are both featherweight political would-be political candidates and featherhead politicians, although Rankin wouldn't agree; she wants to stand for National at the next elections. Children's Commissioner? Yeah right! She believes strongly in the rights of parents to give their kids a good wack when they deserve it, and opposes the so-called Anti-smacking Act. Real credibility in her role as Children's Commissioner?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Outlaw the National Party patch too...

Outlaw gang patches! Does this include the National Party patch?

If ever a government looked like a one term government - it is this one! Forget the polls, the electorate still thinks it did the right thing in November.

The big question to ask is whether Labour could be ready to take over government again, considering that the "twin towers" of NZ politics have gone?

Friday, May 1, 2009

As the political giants depart, the pygmies play together...

The departure of the two political giants leaves a multitude of pygmies in Parliament. Helen Clark and Michael Cullen will not be replaced for many a day. While its off to New York and the United Nations for Helen, it will be to Post Bank for Mike, to join the man Labour put up as head of Post Bank early in Labour's tenure, former PM Jim Bolger.

National has shown its hand early as it proceeds to kick the state sector hard in its slats. What next? And who replaces these state employees?

John Key may well be an affable bloke, but I think he is politically naive - he is being manipulated left, right and centre by Bill English and his buddies. Just how long will he last before he departs to take up a position in the World Bank or something similar?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The truth about the NATS policies and rationing toilet paper...

The truth about National's policies is unwinding. Privatise Defence Department properties. Sell off what the Army doesn't use much - artillery, machine guns and missiles. Perhaps machinery and vehicles do need looking at; but remember Labour updated Vietnam war period equipment in recent years. Park your tanks down in the farmers back paddock until they are needed. Ring Pizzahut for deliveries of pizzas to Burnham Camp when the SAS is training!

The IRD has to itemise the number of toilet rolls and cakes of soap they use, along with fax paper. Which is cheaper, I wonder? When will staff have to bring their own, like some patients in smaller public hospitals have to? Rationing is on!

This is all leading up to an eight day fortnight in National's Grand Plan to create a Jim Bolger's "Decent Society".

Have you ever seen a better example of "a one term government" than this National government?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

National's destiny is in Labour's hands...

Contary to opinions being expressed by editorials and other so-called political experts, National shows all the signs of a one term government - it hasn't really introduced any real rightwing philosophically influenced legislation, apart from the '90 Day hire and Fire Act'.

It is not National that is in control of its destiny, it is actually Labour! The power, the brains and the intestinal fortitude of Labour left parliament when Helen Clark and Michael Cullen decided to retire from politics and resign from the parliamentary Labour Party. It is shades of 1975, and 1990 all over again - a Labour Party without a real leader, not a disembelled Labour caucus though.

This Labour caucus will be back to business as usual with a longterm leader, which is not "Phil-in" Phil Goff!

Will there be another Helen Clark? Not during the remainder of my lifetime. Such people come along every couple of generations. The good people die in office; and the real leaders come along every fifty years or so. I don't include David Lange in that capacity - he comes under the capacity of orators. He had no intestinal fortitude to stand up to Roger Douglas; he could have promoted Helen clark as his deputy and taken on the Act Party's ancestors, Douglas and Prebble and Company!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Greenhorn Rodney Hide's motives questioned...

Greenhorn Rodney Hide's motives questioned, and so they should!

Andrew Williams, North Shore mayor, claims privatisation plans for Auck region's assets behind MP Rodney Hide's super city push -- we all know what he stands for?

An Auckland mayor has blasted Local Government Minister Rodney Hide, over the way he is pushing plans for a super city.

North Shore's Andrew Williams is accusing Mr Hide of misleading Prime Minister John Key about the shake-up.

The Government is planning to put in place one central authority, with up to 30 smaller community boards. Mr Williams says Mr Hide has told Mr Key he has got support from the existing councils for his proposals, when in fact that is not the case. He claims the super city plan is being hijacked.

"I think we're being hoodwinked here by a local minister who has got very little experience in local government and unfortunately people are listening to the false information that he's putting out there."

Mr Williams believes the ultimate aim is to take control of the region's asset base and privatise it.

"Farm it of to council-controlled organisations with private boards of directors, controlling the water, controlling the waste water, controlling the transport."

Mr Williams says his opinions are shared by the other councils, with the exception of Auckland City. He says it will cost some ratepayers another $500 a year. For the North Shore, he says the change will have the same impact as a five percent rates hike. Check out just what the political "Mr Hyde" is up to?

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Big Brother is alive and well, and trawling social network sites...

Big Brother is alive and well, and trawling social network sites...

I was just reading a weekend paper here in Wellington, New Zealand, where an article reveals how "Big Brother" is alive and kicking and trawling social network sites to gain possible information on their members.

The article discussed how NZ government departments are trawling these sites for information that can be used against people on social welfare benefits for fraud purposes. One woman had been caught, redhanded you might say, because she admitted a relationship on the social networking site, and the department took a fraud case against her.

Even employers are in on the act looking for information to use against employees: In one case an employee was caught bragging on the site that he was taking a "sickie" from work because he still had a massive hangover.

If this is happening in a little country like NZ, just imagine on what scale it is being used in larger countries like Australia, Britain or in North America and Europe?

In my opinion they are just a pathetic and despicable bunch of Sebastians!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't expect National to support levies on plastic shopping bags...

Well, the National Party really showed their real colours over the plastic shopping bags story.

They claim to care about the environment but when the time comes to put their money where their cavernous mouths are, they shie away!

Well, they claimed the Labour -led government and their Greens supporters were creating a 'nanny-state' because of the eco-lightbulb fiasco, so we shouldn't really expect anything different from these rightwingers.

The Irish have levied retailers over the use of plastic shopping bags, and have raised millions for environmental projects. Would National follow siut? Yeah right!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Employers have been exploiting workers in this fashion for ever...

CTU says employers hiring contractors to exploit loophole in law which allows less than minimum wage to be paid. They have been doing it for years and nine years of a Labour-led government didn't change it - do you really believe National will do anything about it? Yeah right!

The Council of Trade Unions claims employers are using contracting arrangements to get around paying the statutory minimum wage rates to people doing work such as leaflet delivery.

The CTU has contributed to the redrafting of a bill that will be debated in Parliament today aimed at closing the loophole.

Secretary Peter Conway says the downturn in the labour market has seen an increase in subcontracting work.

"The minimum wage is a really important protection and this loophole allows people to be employed as contractors and their piece rate does not add up to effectively the minimum wage. So we'd like to see that loophole closed."

Mr Conway says some businesses are evading the law concerning minimum wages by farming out low-skilled work to individual contractors who have little or no choice about work available to them.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Looking like a one term government...

Oh dear oh, dear! They are just a bunch of Tories and proving it. The first hundred days of the new government is over, and they are now looking like a one term government.

The 'nine day fornight;; the 'cycle track' from the Cape to the Bluff.

Labour oriented people are getting kicked off all the boards - they want Tories. Except Mike Cullen of course, but Mike is giving up politics anyway, so will be the exception. Why kick a person out just because of their politics? Jim Bolger, former Tory prime minister was actually head-hunted because they wanted a person of ability to run KiwiBank, and other boards.

Give them another year and their incompetence will be obvious. Its Labour in 2011, without Helen and Mike too! They say PhilGoff is just a "fill-in", we'll see!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Is the nine day fortnight just a have...

Will it realy save jobs, create more? Is the nine day fornight just a have?

The nine-day working fortnight begins at the end of the month, but it is unclear how many businesses will adopt it.

The scheme, which involves the Government paying workers $12.50 for five hours in their tenth work day, starts on March 27 and is estimated to cost the country $20 million. It will apply to large companies at risk of having to make staff redundant. The workers will effectively have the day off and will not be required to undergo training as was previously mooted.

Business New Zealand says businesses are investigating how they can use the shorter fortnight to save jobs and businesses. Air New Zealand has indicated it may adopt the scheme.

But employment relations policy manager Paul Mackay says it is too early to say whether there will be a big uptake of the scheme. He says some employees have already taken the initiative, by opting for a four day week and the difference will be that they will now be subsidised by the Government for a lost day.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The ACC controversy is a National government red herring...

The ACC controversy is a National Government red herring. It is not our fault millions of dollars of investments were lost on the stock market!

National have wanted privatisation of the ACC for a decade or more. They have to look after their supporters by having a fire sale of the ACC, one way or another!

If they do not retain a universal no-fault scheme, we should have our rights to sue our employers or those responsible for our non-work accidents returned to us!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Anti-worker 90 day probation law under attack before it even comes in force...

Anti-worker and anti-democratic law that doe nothing to promote jobs...

Even before it becomes law, the new 90-day probation period has sparked noisy protests.

A march is underway in central Auckland against the measure, which allows businesses with fewer than 20 staff to fire people in their first 90 days of employment. Unions are calling it the "fire at will law."

In Christchurch, a group calling itself The Workers Rights Campaign has picketed National MP Nicola Wagner's office.

They plan to take their objections directly to the premises of employers making use of the law to sack people unfairly.

Another name for the law would be the 90 day Servants Act. Servants of their bosses!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thanks for the Labour memories, Helen, Michael and Jim...

With Helen Clark gone, and now Michael Cullen, the leadership of the Labour-led Government of nine years has gone. Jim Anderton is just a back bencher of a one man band. Phil Gough, new Labour leader, is facetiously described as just "filling in".

Times have changed; deteriorating economic conditions can do that to a government who defeated Don Brash three years ago when he thought victory was inevitable.

John Key,(who?)seems so unchallengeable, but National is in the same situation as Labour was for nine years - a two man band with a number of support crew!

But the difference is National won't and can't last for six years, let alone nine years, and maybe no more than three!

The economic tsunami will wash John Key away eventually, and maybe Bill the English Speaker may survive, and maybe he will get washed away just like Johnny Kash!

By then Labour's next generation will have been decided and blooded, but it will be a long time before they can produce anybody remotely of the stature or class of Helen Clark. New Zealand will be so much the poorer for her absence, but maybe the world will benefit in some other direction.

Thenk you Helen, and you too Michael and Jim. Thanks for those two good terms of government, especially the first when you led New Zealand back from the brink of social disaster and to economic sanity. Thanks for the memories. New Zealand will thank you three too in time to come. Bye for now!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Boot camps the answer - or will we have fitter young criminals...

Boot Camps the 'holy grail' of National's social policies. The answer, or will we end up with a fitter young criminal class? The proof of the pudding they say, is in the eating!

Read story below:

The Government's military-style "boot camp" legislation will target New Zealand's young "ticking time bombs", Prime Minister John Key said today.

He said the legislation, to go before Parliament on Wednesday, will send a strong message the behaviour of New Zealand's worst young criminals would not be tolerated.

The policy is a favourite of Mr Key, who raised it in his state of the nation speech a year ago, and the bill will get its first reading as part of National's 100-day plan.

It includes the Fresh Start programme - lasting 12 months, including up to three months in boot camp - and the doubling of youth court sentences.

It also extends the Youth Court's jurisdiction so it can deal with those aged 12 and 13 accused of serious offences.

Mr Key said that 40 of the country's worst offenders will take part in military style training programmes for three months.

"We need to deal more effectively with the growing group of young Kiwis who are seriously and repeatedly breaking the law. These ticking time bombs need to be sent a message that their behaviour will not be tolerated," Mr Key said.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has previously said some of the changes will not be available until next year, to allow time to set up the programmes, or have the space in residential centres to house those sentenced.

Other measures - including greater use by the Youth Court of orders for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, mentoring and parenting courses - would be available sooner as no law change was required.

The legislation is also expected to include "spotlight sentences" - where young offenders who do not comply with supervisory sentences are subject to monitoring with an ankle bracelet.

In his speech, Mr Key said spotlight sentences would be a court-ordered contract setting out the expectations on the offender such as curfews, an end to gang involvement, compliance with drug treatment programmes, or regular school attendance.

Mr Key said that to ensure compliance the court would "wield a big stick" - "intensive supervision and surveillance, including electronic monitoring of the young person using an ankle bracelet".

The Act Party's "three strikes and you're out" legislation will also go before Parliament this week.

Under the policy, criminals convicted of a serious offence for the third time will be sent to prison for a minimum of 25 years.

It is being introduced to Parliament by National as part of its support agreement with Act, although National has agreed to support it only to the select committee stage.

Act leader Rodney Hide said it was pleasing to see the policy make it in under National's 100-day plan.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Key the third politician to be insulted at Waitangi...

Oh dear me. Lightning not only strikes twice, but thrice! Key the third senior politician to be insulted, jostled or assaulted at Waitangi in recent years.

Look Waitangi is just not worth it or appropriate as our National Day. It is an important commemoration in our history, but should not and cannot be our national commemoration.

We need to look elsewhere and another day should be considered. New Zealand is no longer a bi-cultural dual partnership society - NZ is a multicultural society and our National Day should reflect this.

We need to consider our future as a society - what will happen after the current Queen Elizabeth the Second's death? What relevance will the British royality have for NZ? King Charles the Third? Yeah right!

Will we become a republic, with a new flag and national day? Perhaps!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Maori land a possibility for affordable housing, maybe not...

The Governments ideas:

Housing Minister Heatley says affordable housing could be improved if rules limiting house building on Maori land changed.

Plans to free up the restrictions on building on Maori land is one Government initiative to make housing more affordable.

Housing Minister Phil Heatley says big steps are being taken to help the many thousands of New Zealanders who cannot afford new homes. They include streamlining the Resource Management and Building Acts to cut back bureaucracy and ultimately reduce house prices.

Mr Heatley says the recent property cycle has been so extreme, it suggests there are fundamental problems with how the market is operating, particularly around land. He says breaking down barriers to building on communally-owned land will be one of the priorities.

Mr Heatley says often multiple-owned Maori land is rurally zoned, so no matter how large the chunk of land is there can only be a couple of houses on it.

He says he is very conscious of the plight of existing home owners and investors who have seen the value of their properties diminish in recent months, citing lower interest rates and impending tax cuts as factors that would soften the blow.

A 2009 Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey showed New Zealand has the second most unaffordable housing, behind Australia. The survey took place across 265 markets in six countries.

The reality:

Even considering this, most Maori land is rurally based while housing needs are urban based. Could be a problem in balancing the two. I don't think Maori owners would want their land tied up for a century or more without real returns or other options down the track. For a century Maori have had little or no control over their land. This option would in fact take their land away permanently whether it was leasehold or sold to householders.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The first hundred days of a National Government...

The first hundred days of a John Key National government. What are we in for?

If the start was anything to go by, God help us! The 90 Day Hire and Serve Act will do nothing for workers or employment opportunities, unless we are looking at casual labour - should be plenty of opportunities there, though!

All about a payback to the employing class for helping to get National elected.

Lets wait the full 100 days before further comments.