Sunday, April 29, 2007

No reason to vote for National, Labour is managing NZ well...

There is no reason to vote for National, Labour is managing NZ well, despite all the anti-government rhetoric! National doesn't have any leadership - apart from boys wanting to do a man's job: Batman and Robin! Boy wonders, Johnny and Billy? Yeah right!

National doesn't have any new policies other than regurgitated New Right failed policies rejected by New Zealanders in 1999 and ever since. But lets get serious and comment on the Key rhetoric, the Clayton's policies when you have none!

I don't know what Key meant in his published address in today's Dominion Post newspaper in relation to relitigating history. We have had some great things in the past that we have to remember and, obviously, some we would wish to forget. We somtimes have to look back to go forward and not make those same mistakes: electing Muldoon 1975-84; Bolger and Shipley 1990-99. These were watershed years in relation to future economic policies.Borrow and hope with Muldoon, and the 'Mother of all Budgets' with Bolger and Richardson.

In some respects John Key is right, the future is centred around the economy, education and the environment - but he left out health which is just as important and of course, employment. Global warming will be an important subject for the Labour led Government during the next ten or so years, and the Leader of the Opposition, John Key, will be able to make important contributions in that area, considering the amount of hot wind that emanates from the National caucus.

Helen Clark has not lost her mojo, John Key.You haven't been around long enough to have one. Her popularity continues to rise. She is halfway through her third term; that in itself is quite an achievement.She has had many difficut problems to overcome which she has dealt with in a professional manner, despite all the rhetoric of the rightwing opposition and its fellow travellers who are widespread and varied.

Labour hasn't lost the pulse of the New Zealand people. Labour is continuing to deal with the various problems that exist to help lift New Zealanders up the ladder; the labels are as irrelevant as the National Party is to New Zealand and New Zealanders.The Government's Working for Families policy will help New Zealand families, as will the tax policy in the budget to assist NZ businesses.

I see absolutely no reason why there should be a change of government; there is no real alternative in any case. National? Yeah right! As they alway said, Labour governs and National rules!

Many of the problems of yesteryear have not been dealt with - there is still no real industrial democracy, especially in the private sector; Labour should have totally scrapped the fascist Employment Contracts Act and gone back to the original industrial legislation, not amend it with the present insipid Employment Relations Act. New Zealand workers still have battles to fight and win; such as regaining double time overtime rates as of right!

There are still challenges ahead; there are the forces of the unholy rightwing alliance to overcome - the New Right economic policies of the National and Act parties and the social policies espoused by the various fundamentalist Christian sects which are as dangerous as those of its Islamic counterparts.

Until next time!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Could the answer be a rewrite of Section 59? Any need for new legislation?

Labour sticks to its guns - John Key looking for some traction. Just what exactly is National's position on the anti-smacking bill. What is it's bottom line? Is it just a case of Key sitting on the fence - hardly statesmanship material. Could the answer be just a rewrite of Section 59? Any need for new legislation?

Labour sticks to its guns on smacking:

A proposal from John Key for all party talks on the smacking issue has met with a cool response from Labour
18 April 2007 Labour remains convinced Sue Bradford's bill aimed at preventing violence against children is the best option on the table.It, along with the Greens, has been challenged by National Leader John Key to a round table discussion to find a solution to the contention over the repeal of section 59 of the Crimes Act.Cabinet Minister David Benson-Pope describes National's suggestion as confusing and vague, but says it does appear John Key's position now mirrors that of the Government. He says it is time Mr Key got off the fence, showed leadership, and sent some real messages to New Zealanders about his party's attitude to violence.He says it is up to John Key to provide a better idea than that reached by the Select Committee which has worked on the Bradford bill. And he has taken the unusual step of commenting on a live criminal case to prove his point.A Timaru woman, previously acquitted for using a horsewhip to discipline her son, is back before the Courts again. Her case has been consistently cited by supporters of the Bradford bill. This time she and her husband are charged with assaulting her second eldest son.David Benson-Pope says the case highlights the connection between violence against young people and family violence.For his part, the National leader is stopping short of saying his party would repeal the law if it wins the 2008 election. However he says they would pay close attention to a referendum, if the Bill's opponents manage to muster the numbers for one.But Mr Key says it is difficult to commit to being completely bound by a referendum, as they do not know what support partners might bring them into Government, and what their views on the issue might be.United Future has chimed in as well, describing the olive branch being offered by National as commonsense. Leader Peter Dunne says the move might just provide a way through what has become a bitter and polarised debate.He says he would be keen to be involved in the process but believes it should be restricted to political parties only, with no involvement from lobby groups.

Monday, April 16, 2007

A National leopard can't change its blue spots - it is the same...

It would be very, very easy just to slag off the National Party for pure political and ideological reasons, but I have come to detest that party and what it represents - not what it stands for, because I don't think it actually knows anymore.

Three terms under that little gnome of New Zealand politics, Robert David Muldoon, a nasty vindictive little man in anybody's language, just about destroyed New Zealand's economy - he knew it all, nobody could tell him anything. He was the closest thing NZ had to a dictator. But he did, surprisingly, have a soft spot for our senior citizens, and used it politically at times. 1975- 84.

Three terms under National with Jim Bolger and Jenny Shipley nearly destroyed New Zealand, socially; could there have ever been a more fascist piece of legislation than the Employment Contracts Act ( Sid Holland's Emergency Regulations during the 1951 Waterside Lockout may have been, but were temporary) which was designed to emasculate and hamstring the trade union movement to such a degree it hasn't recovered yet in the private sector; to reduce real wages and conditions; and to create flexibility for the employing class with thousands of full time jobs being lost in months, being replaced with temporary and part time jobs; mature workers in general suffered more than most under that legislation and have never fully recovered despite the propoganda to the contary . The words "union or unionist" didn't appear once in the ECA, being replaced by some obscure American terminology as "bargaining agent". In fact it was an American type of legislation written by lawyers with no experience in the industrial sector; it became known as employment law. There is more that could be said, and will be said at a later time.The outcome of this legislation has outlived those who created it - the present Employment Relations Act created by the Labour led Governmnt only really amended the ECA It should have thrown that legislaton along with the National Governmet into the garbage can of history and started again. 1990-99.

John Key and the National Party would have us believe that they have become some centralist party which genuinely cares for the NZ underclass and the less well off in our society? Yeah right! Pigs might fly too. National would be a wolf in sheeps clothing!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Exclusive Brethren could be as dangerous as Islamic fundamentalists...

The Exclusive Brethren sect could be as dangerous as Islamic fundamentalists - they are all tarred with the same arrogant and ignorant disrespect for democratic government. The E.B's could be described as traitors to New Zealand law and order, and the democratically elected government. The SIS should closely watch them all and inform the government of the day what is happening out there!

Despite claiming to be non-political and never voting at elections at any level in New Zealand, it is obvious that this sect, supporters of the NZ National Party and right wing politics here, intend to repeat their covert activities again the duly elected government of New Zealand - except they are now not so covert.

Angry criticism from the EB sect about Labour's proposed electoral reform has apparently prompted an equally stinging attack from the Government.

The seven men from the fundamentalist religious sect - not even a religion to speak of, which claims to be non-political, who ran an anti-government and Greens Party campaign at the last election, say the plan to restrict third party advertising is designed to defraud democratic rights, something ridiculed by the Government and any right thinking New Zealanders. Such claims are a load of unadulterated crap, to say the least!

Justice Minister, Mark Burton, said the proposal is to inject some transparency into the electoral process, and rightly so ! The Exclusive Brethren have no credibility and their claims should be treated with the proverbial grain of sand. Their involvement is not wanted in the New Zealand political scene or process. They are political pariahs in New Zealand.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sucking up to the Chinese Government - that's National Party behaviour

Sucking up to the Chinese Government - that's National Party behaviour! They suck up to all foreigners like fawning little plonkers! Don't follow suit, Labour!

The mayors of the various Auckland cities were invited to attend a stage show by a visiting troupe of US based Chinese dancers, the"Divine Performing Arts".

It was reported in the media that the Chinese Consulate had rang the mayors and "asked" them not to attend. Why?

The troupe allegedly included Falun Gong practitioners; an organisation banned in China because it opposes the Communist Party, and rightly so; something the West used to ban as well. Times have changed. So much for the freedom of the Press in China, the Dalai Lama, democracy, Tibet independence. But we have freedom of the Press and democracy in this country of our's. Who the bloody hell do the Chinese think they are in influencing our local politicians to fall in behind their beliefs. Remember the New Zealand based Chinese journalist pushed out by police in the Behive; there was mention of Falun Gong there too!

Perhaps the real reason was the troupe included effeminate looking dancers which wasn't a good look for China with prancing men all over the place? Better to say they were Falun gong practitioners. LOL

I hope the Clark Government has a bit of intestinal fortitude and tells the Chinese we won't put up with just anything to get a Free Trade agreement. In any case it is FAIR TRADE that is required around the world, not free trade.

Monday, April 2, 2007

The PM tells it like it is. Rickards rise through the police force was as a bully boy! He doesn't deserve a job as a bottle washer in the police canteen. All of NZ, apart from the rightwingers who support the National Party, want to see the back of this disgrace to the NZ Police Force. He should resign forthwith!

PM says Rickard's rise was due to police culture
Helen Clark says Clint Rickards had steady rise through police until he ran into the obstacle of her. And then he went no where fast!

3 April 2007 The Prime Minister claims a police culture of "looking after their own" was the only reason Clint Rickards rose to be Auckland's top cop.The Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct released today identifies a culture of police turning a blind eye to misdemeanours involving officers.Helen Clark says that is why Clint Rickards had a steady rise through the police until he put his name forward to be a Deputy Commissioner."He then ran into the obstacle of me and the Minister of Police, who on becoming aware of the nature of the allegations (against Mr Rickards) and the fact that they were still circulating, declined to consider forwarding his name to the Governor General for a warrant."Miss Clark says there was clearly a better person for the job.Mr Rickards wants to return to his job as Auckland's district commander after being cleared of historical indecent assault and rape charges.His lawyer John Haig says he is appalled at today's comments from the Prime Minister. Mr Haigh says her statement about his client is wrong and has no validity whatsoever.