Tuesday, February 19, 2008

He who casts the first stone - National's corruption may be hidden...

TODAY Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen is rejecting claims by National that the controversy surrounding Labour's biggest donor amounts to corruption and suggests National has escaped unscathed from similar criticism because its backers are a mystery. Great story - read on!

Expatriate Owen Glenn has rejected as a joke reports he was offered the role of Transport Minister. He now hopes to become New Zealand's honorary consul in Monaco. Also under scrutiny is Mr Glenn's recent New Year's honour, his previous half a million dollar's worth of donations to Labour, and a $100,000 interest free loan also given to the party.

National MP Maurice Williamson is accusing Labour of corruption and predicts the Glenn controversy will be its downfall, but Dr Cullen says no one knows if National Party funders have been honoured, because no one knows who the party's donors are. He says thanks to National's use of secret trusts, its backers are more anonymous than most of its MPs.


Saturday, February 2, 2008

Education, training or boot camp until 18 years - good or bad...

Education: You immediately get the typical conservative punitive reaction. The lowest negative common denominator from the master of the flip-flop himself, John Key.Not in so many words, but the meaning is clear: boot camps are an option and the defence force would have no room to complain. Typical Tory arrogance. Alternative prime minister? Yeah right!

At least from the PM, Helen Clark,its positive and with options. Its not all tied up with staying at school untl kids are 18 years old. It can be academic, trade training, and open to other training for possible employment outside of the traditional avenues.

Lets wait a while until the rhetoric bcomes actual policy.