Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Votes not polls will decide the next government

Votes not polls will decide the next government!

I really get a buzz out of the reactions of rabid rightwing National Party supporters whenever National has one of their extended periods of popularity as they have enjoyed in recent times. A lead of just on 15%, get real! Labour is still enjoying its successful election night percentage. National has just cannibalised most of the third party potential vote.

This is now an MMP political scenario - no party, including the Labour Party will ever enjoy such a percentage in the real vote. It is simply a protest poll result that will not change the present Government one iota. The only poll that matters is the one on election day. And that is nearly 15 months away!

That is not to say that Labour has not taken any cognicance of the situation. They will be fully aware of the potential public reaction to such results over an extended period. Labour's job is to govern the country to the best of their ability; that's exactly what has been happening. National should be opposing the government - that's their role. What is different is that there has been a distinct lack of real opposition to government policies and the Governmet for most of the last eight years. The media just can't handle the situation; they and the Government aren't used to it.

John Key thinks he's the one in charge, but there are no role models in the National Party anymore to show him. Bill English can't, and Don Brash as useless as he was is not around anymore. So John Key performs as though he knows what alternatives there are to the Labour led administration. The simple fact of the matter is that National doesn't really have any alternative policies that haven't already been discredited.

There are tax reductions and tax reductions, which would not kick in until a second term of an imaginery National Government in any case. Didn't you know that?

They also claim that the total privatisation of state assets will not begin until the second term - things like Kiwi Bank, NZ Post, Air New Zealand, all of the state housing stock, hospitals, schools and whatever else is left; according to National the state has no business being in business. Yeah right! Just what would they do? Attack beneficiaries, workers and National superannuants like the last time, but with a greater vengeance! Do you really want a pack of political shysters like National?

Thursday, August 23, 2007

John Key - the shadow Minister of leaky homes...

Let discuss the story below. How much of it is fact or speculation? Why does criticism have to be a smear campaign when conducted by Labour? Labour should condemn the National Party for allowing leaky homes to develop when building standards were allowed to fall during te 1990's. John Key is the Shadow Minister of leaky homes!

Labour will not say if its slide in the polls is behind a series of attacks on John Key.

The National Party leader has this week faced questions about his living arrangements and business links. Mr Key says the smear campaign is fuelled by Labour's desperation at being 20 points behind National. Labour Cabinet Minister Pete Hodgson says it is not desperation, adding that he does not comment on polls.

Mr Key today revealed he was questioned by the Serious Fraud Office over the multimillion dollar collapse of Equiticorp back in the 1980s. He says he made the admission in an attempt to forestall a fresh attack on his credibility. Mr Key says he had nothing to do with the scandal as he had left his position as a foreign exchange dealer at Elders Merchant Finance before the deal, involving Equiticorp's sale of New Zealand Steel, was conceived. He believes the information he passed on may have helped result in the prosecutions of those involved.

It followed attempts in Parliament yesterday to link Mr Key and a firm he is a director of, to another company which is allegedly attempting to go into liquidation to avoid leaky building costs. The National Party leader said his firm is not facing any claims, though a shareholder is, via a separate company he has no connection to. Mr Key says he has nothing to hide and has no problem discussing anything about what he does.

A Political commentator says attacking politicians for their business interests rarely works with the public. National Business Review political columnist Ben Thomas says that sort of mud slinging is fine during an election campaign. He says when the public has a couple of weeks to analyse things, as they do now, personal attacks tend to look bad for the accuser, not the accused. Mr Thomas says it does not look like Labour is leading up to a bigger scandal, and it appears to have played its trump card way too early.

Mr Thomas says there is a similar example from the Labour benches. He says it was not that long ago that David Parker was being hauled over the coals for very small technicalities in his business dealings. Mr Parker had to resign as Attorney General as a result, but Ben Thomas says the scandal did not do him too much harm. Mr Thomas says there is a high likelihood the tactic will backfire for Labour.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

There are lies, more lies and National Party lies - ask John Key...

Lies, more lies and National Party lies - ask John Key...

While Johny Key basks in the glory of ascending popularity polls in the National Party's continuing honeymoon period, the Labour-led Government continues in its eighth year of surprisingly competent government. The economy has had its ups and downs lately, but mostly because of external reasons. The previously high Kiwi dollar has fallen sharply in the last week or so. There could be all sorts of ramifications because of the changes. Unemployment continues to fall despite further losses of companies overseas.

As far as polls go, everybody knows the only poll that counts is the one on election day, and Don Brash really thought he was going to be prime minister in a National Government last time. He was really brought down to earth with a bang, and I suspect that when the time comes somewhere in November,2008, there will be a similar result. I don't think New Zealand or the New Zealand public have totally forgiven the National Party for their excesses during the 1990's that severely damaged our society in general.

John Key for all his smiling and smirking hasn't achieved anything in a political sense yet, other than becoming leader of the opposition. He has to serve his apprenticeship first. His smiling deputy, Bill English, has also failed to achieve anything in opposition as well. Leadership of the Opposition may actually be a poisoned chalice for National Party leaders in this early part of the 21st century.

Apart from their obsessive tax cut policy they don't have anything else to offer other than regurgitated and failed New Right policies of the 1990's. Privatisation, welfare cuts, anti- worker attacks, commercialisation of health sevices, including public hospitals, privatisation of education, further sales of state housing, further reductions in the armed forces and police, continuing corruption, and so forth! Nothing for the average New Zealander that I can see? Sorry John, no place at the inn for you!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Southland surgeon exploits elderly woman - a scenario under a future National Govt.

This is a possible scenario under a future Key government - exploitation and corruption of our health services.Would you be stupid enough to let it happen?

14 August 2007
A Southland surgeon has been ordered to pay back money he charged an elderly woman for postoperative care following publicly-funded cataract surgery.

Health and Disability Commissioner Ron Paterson has found the unnamed surgeon exploited the patient and failed to comply with ethical standards. He says the surgeon should have made clear the patient was entitled to completely free treatment

As well as refunding her money, Mr Paterson has recommended the surgeon apologise to the woman. He also wants the National Ethics Committee to advice the Minister of Health of issues raised by the current mix of public and private treatment options available for elective surgery.

Johny Howard's last days - John Key next year?

IS John Howard dog tucker? A forerunner of things to come - John Key next year?

CANBERRA - John Howard could become the first sitting prime minister to lose his seat for almost 80 years according to a new poll yesterday.

A Galaxy Poll conducted for the Sunday Telegraph points to Howard facing a humiliating defeat in his own seat of Bennelong at the hands of glamour Labor candidate Maxine McKew.

The poll shows Liberal voters continuing to desert the Prime Minister's cause in droves.

If he was beaten by former TV journalist McKew, Howard would be the first sitting prime minister to lose his seat since Stanley Melbourne Bruce in 1929.

The Sunday Telegraph/SBS Insight Galaxy Poll was conducted on the evenings of August 8 and 9, based on a sample of 800 voters. It found 47 per cent of those surveyed intended to give their first preference vote to McKew while 44 per cent intended to vote for Howard.

Support for McKew is now 19 points higher than the vote achieved by the ALP candidate at the last federal election.

The newspaper said the fact Howard had been unable to claw back McKew's lead - despite Budget tax cuts and family benefits coming on stream and initiatives such as the intervention in indigenous child abuse in the Northern Territory - would reinforce perceptions that voters were no longer listening to the Prime Minister.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hone Harawira needs to clean up his own doorstep first

There's an old saying that charity begins at home. Hone needs to clean up around his own doorstep before telling the neighbours about theirs!

Labour MP Shane Jones says Hone Harawira playing dangerous stunt by criticising Australia when there's abuse in Maori community.

Maori Party MP Hone Harawira is being told it is inappropriate to criticise the Australian Government for abusing Aborigines when there is an abuse crisis within Maoridom.

The Tai Tokerau MP left an official justice and electoral committee visit to Victoria and headed to the Northern Territory. He was last seen in Alice Springs taking a stand against the Howard Government's Aboriginal policies.

Labour MP Shane Jones says Mr Harawira is playing a dangerous stunt. He says Parliament has firm rules about how taxpayer funds should be used when MPs are overseas. Speaker Margaret Wilson has said she is aware of Mr Harawira's actions and is addressing the matter.

The select committee party was meeting with groups as part of a study of election finance law and victims' rights.

Mr Harawira caused controversy last month by calling Australian Prime Minister John Howard a "racist bastard" for sending police and troops into aboriginal communities as part of an intervention plan to stop child abuse.

Monday, August 6, 2007

HAMILTON - Police investigating the discovery of one of the country's largest P labs have released rare video footage taken inside the house, as a warning to communities about the dangers of methamphetamine.

The clandestine methamphetamine laboratory - one of the five biggest such labs uncovered to date - was raided by police on Thursday at Newcastle Rd in Dinsdale, Hamilton.

Police finished decommissioning the lab last night, after an extensive four-day operation to remove the chemicals found.

The clean-up was hampered by the discovery of a small quantity of explosives and a pipebomb.

Detective Senior Sergeant Mike Whitehead screened a six-minute segment, of a 45 minute video, this morning to media in Hamilton, taken by police wearing full protective gear as they walked through the home.

He said the release of the footage was an attempt to dispel conceptions that P-labs were "nice clinical lab-like environments".

Footage showed several rooms in the cluttered house covered in equipment and containers with chemicals and paraphernalia, which police believe had been accumulated over three years.

Fixtures and fittings in the house could be seen to be corroded from the chemicals and fumes.

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Police discovery of largest P lab