Michael Laws. Photo / APN
Michael Laws. Photo / APN
Controversial talkback host Michael Laws will leave RadioLive next year, with Sean Plunket set to take over Laws' nine-to-midday slot.
In a statement, Laws did not reveal what he was going to do after the final show on March 31, but said he would pursue "something new, something exciting and something that I've always wanted to do''.
The former Wanganui Mayor was part of the original RadioLive team which began broadcasting in 2005.
He has never been a stranger to controversy. Last year he told radio listeners he had "no idea'' why someone hadn't "taken a shotgun'' into the Herald on Sunday newspaper "and just cleaned out the entire newsroom''.
Earlier this month, the Broadcasting Standards Authority ordered RadioLive to apologise after Laws asked American Pit Bull Terrier Association spokeswoman Karen Batchelor to "wear a muzzle'', and accused her of making untrue statements, prompting her to complain to Radioworks.
RadioLive general manager Jana Rangooni thanked Laws for all he had done for the station.