Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Labour Greens future or a new socialist party in NZ...

Does Mr David Shearer simply believe bloody immigrants are taking Kiwis jobs? Is that right or is it a lot more complicated than that.

Quote:  This means that any Labour Government led by Mr Shearer is likely to shy away from direct interventions in the labour market. It will not pass legislation designed to reverse the flow of wealth from wage and salary earners to owners and shareholders. It will not, by substantially lifting the minimum wage, engineer a wholesale winnowing-out of New Zealand’s most inefficient businesses. It will not pass legislation restoring universal union membership or the national award system. It will not use the Government’s ability to set wages and salaries in the public sector to provide both a guide and a goad for private sector employers. In short, it will not do any of the things required to raise the incomes of New Zealand’s wage and salary-earner.

I hope not because the NZ Labour Party would disappear in the future. It is a Labour/ Greens future or a new socialist party in NZ which would absorb the political left in this country.

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