Thursday, October 11, 2012

Labour won't name GCSB source...

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Labour leader David Shearer won't name his source within the government spy agency, after making allegations about comments PM John Key made to the GCSB.

The Labour Party is refusing to reveal the source of its leaked information from the government spy agency, amid claims a videotape will prove Prime Minister John Key lied about his knowledge of its surveillance of internet mogul Kim Dotcom.
Labour leader David Shearer is alleging staff at the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) recorded Mr Key's February 29 visit to the agency's headquarters, and says the recording will prove Mr Key mentioned the agency's involvement with Dotcom during a speech in the agency's cafeteria.
Mr Key has previously told parliament the first he knew about it was on September 17 when GCSB director Ian Fletcher told him the agency had discovered its surveillance of Dotcom was illegal.
Mr Shearer told Radio Live he understood GCSB bosses took away hard-drives from one office earlier this week in an effort to find out whether still pictures or audio-visual material existed.
He has not personally seen the alleged recording.
Mr Fletcher said late on Thursday night "exhaustive inquiries" failed to turn up any recordings of Mr Key's visit and his meeting with staff, but still photos had been taken.
The agency has launched an investigation into whether information was being leaked to Labour.
Mr Shearer refused to confirm reports his source was the partner of Labour's chief press secretary Fran Mold, who is understood to have previously worked for the GCSB.
"I'm not going to go there. I'm not going to talk about sources and where things come from ... What I can say is people should not jump to too many conclusions here," he said.
Mr Shearer said he did not believe his source had committed an offence by leaking the information.
Asked to provide evidence of his allegations, Mr Shearer said he would not have made the claims publicly unless he was "pretty sure" of his sources.
Mr Key says he remembers talking to staff but doesn't think he mentioned Dotcom.
The key regime will be lucky to survive the distance.

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