Friday, July 31, 2009

Madam, your blue slip is showing...

Madam, your slip is showing. Remember that saying? What it means here is the National Party is clearly showing its philosophy and its short and medium term intentions. It has no policies to enact just yet. Its conference will deal with what it will enact in its second term.

A nationwide cycleway? Jesus Christ would have a fit laughing over that one. 300 potential jobs when 50,000 have been lost and another 40,000 by the end of next year.

John Key is actually quite a nice and affable bloke. His role is to lull Kiwis into false sense of security. He doesn't need the prime minister's salary and expense account - as Michael Cullen said, he's a rich prick!!!

It is a pretty good bet that Happy Johny is keeping Billy the Kid English's prime ministerial seat warm intil he is ready. John will attempt to win National a second term amd stand down. He will then be given an overseas posting within the next year.

Bill English and a second generation of New Right privateers will sell the remaining New Zealand family jewels to the highest bidder! Sir John and Sir Bill? yeah right!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

National is a one term government but...

National is - should be a one term government. It has renegued on its only real policy - tax cuts! It is making a hash of everything else as this inexperienced and inept group of politicians blunders from one crisis to the next.

Its only saving grace is that the opposition Labour Party lacks leadership since Helen Clark and Michael Cullen gave Labour and the country the flick.

If there is an alternative to blundering 'FIll In' Phil Goff it needs to come forward now, because National has signalled it will return to privatisation in a new and real way in its second term.

New Zealand needs that leadership now! It will have enough time to gain experience and public exposure. If it leaves it too late, National may be tempted to call an early election to stymie any future Labour plans!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Somebody moved some rocks...

Somebody moved some rocks and something horrible wriggled out from underneath.

Something that has lain dormant for a few years - the souls of the 1980's and the 1990's - something horrible and yellow, just like Rodney Hide's jacket. The stench was unbearable - those rotten New Right policies that nearly disembowelled New Zealand society - that P word! Not methamphetamine but almost as bad for New Zealand and its people.

Privatisation!!! Yes, you may shout!!! But privatisation of the welfare system. The target would be massive reductions in welfare benefits with massive incentives too!

With unemployment at 50,000 and rising just like the 1990's and expected to climb to 90,000 in a year.

Well Johnnie Key, people are often judged by those they associate with. In your case the politically naieve Maori Party and the well discredited ACT Party.

Monday, July 13, 2009

The foreshore and seabed belong to all New Zealanders...

The foreshore and seabed belong to all New Zealanders. Maori and Pakeha should continue to have their unfettered right of access to the foreshore and seabed, for leisure or for the taking of seafood,fishing, gathering seaweed and driftwood etc.

Ownership doesn't come into it. Freehold title should not even be considered. Stop making political capital out of Kiwis rights.

While Maori are technically indigenous to New Zealand because they were the first migrants to these shores, it hardly stacks up to the Australian Aboriginals 50,000 years in Australia, does it?

We need to sort out all outstanding the problems before we start considering turning NZ into a republic. It will come when the Aussies start debating the matter. It will come when Queen Elizabeth 11 dies; because there is no way that pommy fool, Prince Charles, will ever be the monarch and King of New Zealand - we have a Maori King and he is more credible than that pommy twit back in Buckingham Palace.

I don't believe Prince William would be even more acceptable, either! History is shortly to be made, whether in a few years or more. However, the Treaty of Waitangi will become a casualty of a change to a republic. Who knows, we may be asked to consider joining an Australasian Republic as we were when an Australasian Commonwealth was being considered in 1901. We declined then, and an Australian Commonwealth was formed instead. NZ went on to become a Dominion of New Zealand.