Sunday, April 29, 2012

Selective memory, Alzheimers or just a plain stranger to the truth, Mr John Banks...

John Banks claims to not remember the donations made to him during the last mayoral elections in 2009: The $50,000 donation from Mr Kim Dotcom and the $15,000 donation from SkyCity. Kim Dotcom claims Mr Banks wanted his donation in two donations of $25,000 each. Mr Banks believes any donation under $50,000 does not have to be declared. But this is not apparently correct, only anonymous donations do not have to be declared. Dotcom's donation was not anonymous, because John Banks actually contacted Dotcom and thanked him for the donation - hardly anonymous?

View the video and see the birthday party put on for Mr Dotcom and see Mr Banks toasting Mr Dotcom.See Mr Banks at a New Years celebration and fireworks display, paid for by Kim Dotcom.Mr Banks does not remember a ride in Mr Dotcom's helicopter. As I said earlier, selective memory or Alzheimers? A very interesting video, Mr John Banks, the now leader of the Act Party.

Support and help Talley's Affco workers...

"We won't let Talley's AFFCO split our fa...
"We won't let Talley's AFFCO split our family" (Photo credit: Simon Oosterman)
AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JANUARY 10: Port workers strike along Tamaki Drive on January 10, 2012 in Auckland, New Zealand. Ports of Auckland CEO, Tony Gibson is threatening to replace union workers with private contractors, as port union workers participate in a 48 hour strike making it the fifth strike by the group since November. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Help Talley’s Affco Workers!


Talleys AFFCO workers thoughout the ccountry are being locked out, as their employer – amulti-million dollar company – tries to break their Union; destroy their conditions; and end up with a compliant and easily exploitable workforce.
Like the Ports of Auckland dispute, this is not just about fair pay – this is about smashing a union and removing the rights of free men and women to join an association (ie, trade union) of their own free will.

This is about an abuse of corporate power.
This is about forcing vulnerable low-paid workers to abandion their Union and collective contracts.
This is happening right here, in our own country.
All fair-minded New Zealanders should ask themselves;
“Is this fair?”
“Are our jobs at risk from other companies?”
“Is my job next???”
Help support the Talleys AFFCO workers. You can do your bit to help our fellow Kiwis! You can,
  1. You can give a quick $5 by calling: 0900 562 5688.
  2. Donations can be made directly to their Kiwi Bank dispute fund. The account name is ‘NZCTU Disputes Fund’ and the number is 38 9007 0894028 08 (Kiwi Bank).
  1. Talley’s Boycott- Support Locked out AFFCO Workers
  2. Help Talley’s Affco Workers
  • Spread the word through your friends, family, and social media (Facebook, etc)
  • Donate food – drop-off points here
  • Tell your supermarket you won’t be buying any Talleys products until the lockouts are ended!
  • Email a link to this page to your friends & family, and share on your Facebook page. Spread the word!

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Stand John Banks down - demands Labour leader David Shearer...

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - NOVEMBER 26: Labour Member of Parliment for Mt Albert David Shearer attends is interviewed during the 2011 General Election on November 26, 2011 in Auckland, New Zealand. Today's triumphant candidate will lead New Zealand's 50th Parliament, with the Labour Party and Opposition's Phil Goff considered the key challenger to current National Party Prime Minsiter John Key. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - NOVEMBER 11: New Zealand Prime Minister John Key meets with ACT New Zealand party leader and member for Epsom John Banks at the Urban Cafe, Newmarket on November 11, 2011 in Auckland, New Zealand. New Zealanders will head to the polls on November 26 to decide who will lead their 50th Parliament. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)


The Prime Minister should immediately stand John Banks down from his Ministerial portfolios in light of fresh allegations about donations to his mayoral campaign, says Labour Leader David Shearer.
As revealed on Campbell Live last night and again confirmed in the Herald today, John Banks received two $25,000 donations from internet tycoon Kim Dotcom after he directly requested donations to his mayoral campaign be split in two and made anonymously.
"It appears that Kim Dotcom has confirmed he donated tens of thousands of dollars to John Banks' mayoral campaign under a veil of anonymity after being asked directly by Mr Banks to do so," David Shearer said.
"The new claims follow concerns raised by Labour MP Trevor Mallard about the non-declaration of a donation from Sky City and regular donations of radio advertising to Mr Banks' campaign.
"John Key should stand John Banks down while an investigation by police is underway. He cannot continue to hold ministerial roles while such serious allegations are swirling around him. I urge the Prime Minister to confront Mr Banks about the claims and get to the bottom of what has gone on.
"The undeclared Sky City donations raise further questions about the Government's behind-the-scenes negotiation with the casino and its promise to change gambling laws to allow for more pokies. John Banks once railed against the expansion of casinos but is now preparing to support National's plan to relax the law.
"John Banks may hold the crucial vote when it comes to passing the legislation which would give Sky City more pokies. Yet there are now serious questions about whether his decision has been influenced by these undeclared casino donations.
"New Zealanders may have been bemused by the lengths John Key and John Banks went to to influence the outcome of the vote in Epsom so that Act could make it into Parliament to prop up National. But they will have little sympathy for politicians who show such contempt for transparency," said David Shearer.
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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

MMP Review questions the value of list MP's...

A new version of the image http://en.wikipedia...
A new version of the image to be used on portuguese wikipedia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
IMG_2526 (Photo credit: laderafrutal)


The value of being a list member in Parliament has been questioned during the second day of hearings into the review of the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP) voting system.
The Electoral Commission is hearing submissions in Wellington, following a referendum vote at the general election in November last year to retain MMP.
On Tuesday, several submitters told the commission the role of list MP is often viewed as second-class to an electorate MP.
There are 50 list MPs in Parliament. They are elected by the nationwide party vote, rather than by a geographical constituency.
Wellington resident Su-Wuen Ong told the commission the public unfairly downplays the entry of list MPs to Parliament and they should being given higher duties because they do not have to deal with electorate matters.
A former Parliamentary librarian, Antony Reed, told the commission the profile of list MPs needs to be lifted to reflect their equal footing with electorate MPs.
The Green Party says downplaying list MPs is just a hangover effect from the previous voting system First Past the Post.
The Greens told the commission on Tuesday the rule that allows an MP who wins an electorate seat to bring other party members into Parliament should be removed from MMP.
At present, a party can gain entry into Parliament by either getting 5% of the party vote or by having an MP win an electorate seat.
Greens' national co-convener Roland Sapsford says the one-seat electorate threshold is unfair and all political parties should be on a level playing field.
"Our view was at the outset, it actually provided a bit of a safety valve while people learned about MMP. But what we're seeing at the moment has been, as we noted, some iniquity between for example, parties with very similar party vote."
However, Mr Sapsford says the Green Party acknowledges this may create a higher barrier of entry into Parliament for small parties and the 5% party vote threshold may need to be lowered.

CTU calls for 4% party vote threshold

The Council of Trade Unions says political parties should have to receive 4% of the party vote to get into Parliament, and the one seat threshold should be removed.
In his submission on Tuesday, CTU secretary Peter Conway said allowing political parties into Parliament by winning one electorate seat, is unfair, distorts election outcomes and encourages parties to abuse the MMP system.
Mr Conway says this was evident in 2008 when the ACT Party took five seats in Parliament by winning one seat in the Epsom electorate - even though it received fewer votes than New Zealand First, which ended up with no seats.
He says the one-seat electorate threshold should be removed and replaced with a party vote threshold of 4%.
Mr Conway told the hearing that if the party vote threshold goes too low, there is nothing to stop wealthy individuals from creating and bankrolling political parties and influencing the make-up of Parliament.
The Electoral Commission is to submit its final report to the Minister of Justice on 31 October.

I would favour  the electorate threshold being removed and replaced with a party threshold of 4%. This would improve the MMP system. I woud also support the waka-jumping legislation that prevents list MP's leaving their parties.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Anzac Day April 25 tomorrow - they didn't sacrifice their lives for a National Party fascist state did they?


Anzac Day April 25 NZ tomorrow...

They didn't sacrifice their lives for a National Party fascist state did they?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Labour is liking the living wage concept...



The living wage concept which has caught the attention of Labour, would likely not apply to employers across the board.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Skygate and the rotting fish....

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - OCTOBER 13: New Zealand Prime Minister John Key(L) and Paula Bennett. Minister for Social Development, Employment and Youth Affairs speak during a press conference held at Massey Primary School on October 13, 2011 in Auckland, New Zealand. Today John Key and Minister for Social Development, Employment & Youth Affairs Paula Bennett announced an increase in numbers of social workers both in schools and on the frontline to help with vulnerable children. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
Sky City Cocktails
Sky City Cocktails (Photo credit: Deannster)
Our we seeing corruption not seen since the days of Robert Muldoon? RE John Key's deal with Sky City's proposed Convention Centre: There will be thousands of words written in coming days and weeks: Non-Sky City poky owners allegedly  have to pay out 37% of their profits to charity, but however Sky City will have to pay only 2% to charity. The extra costs of purchasing more pokies by Sky City will be able to be paid for from profits they DONT have to pay to charity - $42 million.. Isn't it funny that John key reportedly discussed a deal with Sky City before the 2008 elections before National was govt, before Key became PM and appointed himself as Tourism Minister. Hey sweetheart, I have a deal for you!! A while ago I wrote somewhere that National was dead in the water - now you can smell the rotting fish! Now this couldn't happen in Godzone could it?  Skygate!
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Monday, April 16, 2012

The Aotearoa is Not for Sale March...


    Keeping our assets is key to embracing a clean energy future.

    The deadline has now passed for public submissions on whether the Government should proceed with the sale of some of New Zealand’s key, strategic state-owned assets including Meridian, Solid Energy, Mighty River Power and Genesis Energy. Hundreds of people made submissions and it appears that most are vehemently opposed to the sales.
    There are many reasons why John Key’s fire sale of the nation’s most prized and successful assets has been rejected so resoundingly.
    Close scrutiny has shown his argument that the revenue generated from the sale will help balance the Treasury’s books is economically flawed - and some suggest it’s a Trojan horse inside which rides the big business agenda to get its hands on these valuable state assets.
    For New Zealanders struggling through difficult times the threat of higher bills, less public accountability and concerns over the haemorrhaging of profits overseas caused by sales of our state assets are all problematic.
    But on top of these is also the added risk that this sell-off could damage New Zealand’s ability to build a more sustainable, more prosperous future - and it is for this pertinent reason Greenpeace has added its voice to the Aotearoa is Not For Sale march and will be inviting our membership to join others in Auckland on the 28th April.
    Cashing in on our profitable power houses - these companies represent about 70per cent of NZ’s generating power - for short term gain not only cuts off a financial lifeline that New Zealanders have toiled for decades to secure, but it short circuits our ability to determine the type of energy future we want.
    Faced with the enormous challenge of tackling climate change and a volatile, unstable global economy, now is not the time for New Zealand to sell off our highly successful, resilient renewable energy power-base and the wealth of clean energy innovators that could be the cornerstone of a cleaner, smarter economy.
    The partial sale to predominantly overseas investors will surrender our embarrassingly plentiful clean energy riches to the vagaries of the shareholders’ bottom line. Commercial imperative and the drive for a quick return on investment could not only delay and deter the switch to increased renewable energy use, but corrode our aspiration and best opportunity to be a cutting edge developer and exporter of renewable technologies. This is the very same type of clean energy expertise and know-how that will be a highly valued and sought after commodity in a low carbon world.
    Partial privatisation could also severely limit the ability of government to make social and environmental sustainability a core requirement of the way these companies operate in the future. When an asset is even partially privatized, then the rights of the private investors who buy shares become paramount - the need to be a good corporate citizen casually discarded.
    Worryingly, the sell-off could also increase the likelihood of not only New Zealand relinquishing control over the decisions the companies make, but could in effect mean that prized energy assets like Manapouri power station could also be sold off into full foreign ownership and control. Our own national, renewable resources – the bedrock of our energy network - would no longer be in Kiwi hands.
    At this crucial time in New Zealand’s energy history we need a road map towards a sustainable, clean economy and strategies that capitalise on our world class renewable energy expertise. With the right vision and political will, we can keep our renewable energy know-how and innovation in New Zealand, realising the potential to create thousands of green, highly paid jobs; insulate our economy from the volatile fossil fuel markets; and build a more sustainable future for our country.
    But to do this we need to have control over our energy infrastructure and the decisions made regarding the technology pathways we choose.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

KiwiRail under fire for job cuts - shades of Tranzrail in the 90's...

National not interested in possible Maui dolphins extinction

Port Hills MP Ruth Dyson in 2011.
Port Hills MP Ruth Dyson in 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Global eyes on National Government over dolphin response...

Ruth Dyson MP |
The Government’s response to the possible extinction of the Maui’s dolphin will be under worldwide scrutiny, Labour’s Conservation spokesperson Ruth Dyson has warned.
“With only 55 Maui dolphins in existence we cannot - as a developed country - allow inaction to be the cause of their extinction.
“There’s a huge win/win opportunity for ministers Kate Wilkinson and David Carter here. Not only should we be doing everything possible to save the species, but we should also be leading the world by moving our fishing industry to sustainable fishing methods,” Ruth Dyson said.
“We know that consumers are become more discerning – wanting to know how and where food is made. We could market sustainably caught fish internationally to huge benefit to our economy.
“And the by-catch of sustainable fishing practices would be saving the dolphin, unlike the current method, which is killing them.”
Ms Dyson, who, in a written submission to MAF has called for a comprehensive monitoring programme to help protect the Maui’s dolphin and an extension to a proposed set net ban, says the government can no longer close its eyes to the issue.
“The world is looking on. The Ministers have, to date, appeared cowed and compliant.
“They must strengthen their resolve to do the best for both the dolphins and the fishing industry, as well as New Zealand’s international reputation,” Ruth Dyson said.
Submissions on the MAF consultation close at 4pm Wednesday 11 April 2012 with parallel consultation on a DOC proposal closing the following week.
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Thursday, April 5, 2012

John Banks accused of undeclared mayoral donation in 2010...

John Banks, Mayor of Auckland City, New Zealan...
John Banks, Mayor of Auckland City, New Zealand. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the reopening of Grafton Bridge. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ACT MP John Banks is being accused of not following the rules in his 2010 bid to win the Auckland Super City mayoralty

ACT MP John Banks is being accused of not following the rules in his 2010 bid to win the Auckland Super City mayoralty.

Labour MP Grant Robertson used the protection of Parliamentary privilege to accuse Mr Banks of not declaring a $15,000 donation he received from SkyCity Casino towards his mayoral campaign.

He says SkyCity has said it gave $15,000 to both main candidates in the 2010 election and has a policy of asking candidates to declare such donations.

Mr Robertson says Mr Banks did not declare receiving such an amount in his election returns.

If Mr Banks was prosecuted  and found guilty of this illegal act could it affect his present position as an Act NZ MP? He along with Peter Dunne  helps the National government to maintain a majority.
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