Monday, May 19, 2008

Just irresponsible politicking from Mr Flip Flop himself

John Key, 'Mr Flip Flop' himself, was just irresponsibly politicking when he announced tax cuts on an average of about $50.00 per week. Everybody wants more money but tax cuts ranging from about $10.00 per week(Chewing gum size) to $90.00 per week for those on higher incomes(the election bribe)lack credibility! Why not tax cuts of $50.00 per week across the board?

Because dear readers he isn't interested in the votes of the poor, just those of the greed freaks!

Where would Mr 'Flip Flop' Key get the money from for tax cuts of around $5 billion? Would he borrow for it? Or would he help himself to most of the ACC's reserves of Six million plus dollars when he privatises ACC early in his supposed first term?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Do you believe John Key's policy on P( methamphetamine) and organised crime...

Do you believe John Key's policy on P( methamphetamine)and organised crime? I have read it before. The late and legendary Labour PM, Norm Kirk, was going to take the bikes off the bikies back in the 70's. Was he successful? Of course he wasn't!

Policies on drug manufacture and distribution have been piecemeal and uncoordinated. There needs to be a comprehensive policy on organised crime and drugs manufacture and distribution.

How do you stop gangs from being successful? Stop their means of funding and recruitment.

A coordinated and comprehensive policy on organised crime needs to be implemented, and an election campaign is not the best time to see this become a reality. Only a newly elected government would have the credibility to be successful in this area.

John Key is just politicking without any real ideas on how this could be achieved. The Government has some emerging policies which should be considered first.