Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Companies increased profits and decreased numbers of jobs - does it really make sense?

English: The Fonterra dairy factory dominates ...
English: The Fonterra dairy factory dominates the Edendale skyline. Photograph taken from the top of the Edendale hill, looking eastward to Edendale, with the western Catlins in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Fonterra dairy plant at Cobden, Victoria
English: Fonterra dairy plant at Cobden, Victoria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A Fonterra cooperative dairy factory north of ...
A Fonterra cooperative dairy factory north of Hamilton, New Zealand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  1. As many companies make increasing profits, they are actually laying off workers. NZ's largest company, Fonterra, about the sixth largest dairy company in the world is laying off 300 workers to save $65 million dollars. Hard to get your head around,eh?
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The state of the NZ nation - it's in a hell of a state...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Farewell to the big man - Parekura Horomia MP - he died yesterday...

English: Parekura Horomia, a New Zealand polit...
English: Parekura Horomia, a New Zealand politician (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sharples: Poroporoaki ki a Parekura Tureia Horomia

Fuseworks Me
Minister of Maori Affairs Dr Pita Sharples tonight paid tribute to his predecessor, Parekura Tureia Horomia, who passed away yesterday.
"Parekura was a great man in every sense of the word, and as a new Minister I had to fill some very big shoes," said Dr Sharples.
"He had been MP for Ikaroa Rawhiti since 1999, and was Minister of Maori Affairs from 2000 to 2008. In that time he had advanced a wide range of initiatives.
"Most notably he led the establishment of Maori Television, expanded the Waitangi Tribunal, and restructured the Maori Trust Office to meet contemporary needs. He lifted the funding for Maori Wardens, updated fisheries legislation and supported many Maori development projects."
"He also had Associate Ministerial roles in Education, Employment, State Services, Economic Development, Tourism, Fisheries and Forestry - all areas that were of huge importance to Maori at those times. His understanding of many of those areas also came from his experience in the public service, especially employment issues. Many Maori and community organisations secured funding from GELS and CEGS through Parekura’s support
"As a staunch advocate for education he initiated the Hui Taumata Matauranga where he brought together our great minds to explore educational issues; and he was also a champion for our wananga, whare kura and Maori education in general."
"His whanau, friends, and his electorate absolutely adored him. He has touched so many lives, in every corner of New Zealand. If there was a hui, you would often see Parekura there. No fuss, just there supporting the kaupapa - that was just his nature. He was a true gentleman, with not a bad bone in his body, nor a bad word for anyone."
"His dedication to his people was unwavering. He served his people tirelessly as MP for Ikaroa Rawhiti for 13 years and as Minister of Maori Affairs in the Labour Government for eight years, and we will miss him," said Dr Sharples.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Bring back old-style New Zealand employment law...

Labour's logo from 2000 - 2007. Updated versio...
Labour's logo from 2000 - 2007. Updated version of mid 1980s logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The New Zealand Nats are legislating the offspring of the Employment Contracts Act - the ECA. The idea is to cut the 10 minute smoko breaks as we used to call them and the 30 minute lunch breaks. OSH came out a few years ago and said workers need these breaks. There has always been flexibilty where it has been needed, and afternoon breaks were often given away for a 30 minute earlier finishing time.

Actually I think National is just being bloody minded and stupid knowing it is going to the chopping block in 2014 - the idea will be to slow down Labour /Greens reform program. To make it easier Labour/Greens just needs to bring back pre-ECA legislation with a few modifications. To throw some hand grenades into the system - bring back compulsory unionism. It would solve so many problems in the workplace. Bring back the Awards system too. Make negotiations with employers so much easier too.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hutt Valley will not be forced by John key and his National Government to join with a Wellington City led amalagamation...

English: Picture of Wellington from a plane. L...
English: Picture of Wellington from a plane. Looking south. The suburbs of Johnsonville and Raroa are in the immediate foreground, with the Ngauranga Gorge invisible to the left of the quarry at lower left. Rongotai Airport is visible upper left, with the Miramar Peninsula to the left of that. The suburb that reaches the edge of the picture upper right is Karori. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Satellite photo of the Wellington conurbation:...
Satellite photo of the Wellington conurbation: (1) Wellington; (2) Lower Hutt; (3) Upper Hutt; (4) Porirua. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Wellington City (in yellow) within Wellington ...
Wellington City (in yellow) within Wellington Region (dark grey) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John key said any amalgamation in the Wellington region will have to be led by Wellington City. What does that mean Mr key? The National government will force amalgamation? The Hutt Valley doesn't want to be part of any Wellington Super City, or any other amalgamation to do with Wellington City. What National forces together, Labour/Greens can force apart!

One Hutt Valley !!!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Amazing news for our terribly mentally overworked PM John key...

  1. Amazing news for our terribly mentally overworked prime minister, John key. Read below:

    NaturalNews) It's amazing how coconut oil has recently been acknowledged for the healthy oil that it is after having been vilified for decades as a heart attack oil. Now it's been discovered to boost even brain health.

    Defaming coconut oil saturated fat was part of the 1950s creation of low and no fat foods, margarine, and hydrogenated trans-fatty cooking and salad oils, which have recently been proven as actually detrimental to overall health.

    Learn more:http://www.naturalnews.com/039811_coconut_Alzheimers_dementia.html#ixzz2P
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Key and Dunne at odds on IRD service...

David Cunliffe at the NZ Open Source Awards, 2007
David Cunliffe at the NZ Open Source Awards, 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Peter Dunne
English: Peter Dunne (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
John key and Peter Dunne are at odds over the IRD tax department's service. But Key's survival depends on Peter Dunne's support. When will Dunne consider his lack of personal credibility and say enough is enough. David Cunliffe knows all about credibility. His went up when he stopped attacking David Shearer's leadership.

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