Friday, December 26, 2008

See what happens in the New Year...

So much BS has been spoken in recent times I'll leave things until the New Year to comment.

Those who voted for National and Act will just have to lie down in the beds they made. There are sorry times ahead for the next couple of years here in NZ.

The '90 Day Hire and Fire Act' is a despicable piece of legislation that will come back to bite the Rightwingers on their backsides. To me it is the Hire and Serve Act - because workers will be no more than servants for 90 days! Its just a prelude to The ECA Part 2. The Maori Party will have a hard time gaining some future credibilty.

Monday, December 15, 2008

An unpublished reply to a letter sent to the Hutt News...

An unpublished reply to a letter sent by Graeme Barlow, Petone, Lower Hutt, Dec 9 2008 to the Hutt news , Lower Hutt:

Yes, please keep publishing my letters as your newspaper has done for nearly thirty years now, because they will show up such supporters of this one term National Government for what they really are and who they represent - certainly not the average New Zealand people. They are men of straw with feet of clay!

What a shallow, mean spirited and uncharitable little man you appear to be. I don't think you would know a socialist if you fell over one. I am and have been an unashamed Social democrat for my entire adult life.

The whole basis of my recent letter, which you appeared to discredit, was to publicly congratulate the late Peter Lorimer for his long service to his community, which included a number of years of service to the old pre-Rogernomics Labour Party as well, coinciding with my own service to that organisation. I included reference to that of Helen Clark as well.

Even your leader and new prime minister, John Key, saw fit to publicly acknowledge and congratulate Helen Clark's long sevice to New Zealand and New Zealanders as a politician and a great prime minister. It is recorded that John Key met with and discussed matters of interest with Helen Clark during the week he represented this country at the Apec talks.

I personally couldn't give a rats backside whether Mr Barlow approves of my political background or not; I don't know the gentleman and have no intention of ever doing so.

In closing, just let me comment on why I consider this National Government to be a one term administration: In announcing it intends to bulldoze legislation through Parliament under urgency is a denial of natural justice and a lack of democracy in action. Is this the beginning of the Employment Contracts Act Mark Two?


Thursday, December 11, 2008

NZ 90 day hire and fire bill passed into law - a fascist law...

The so-called New Zealand 90 day hire and fire bill becomes law after urgency in parliament; better described as the "hire and serve" bill. A fascist act!

New workers in small businesses(under 20 workers)can be sacked and kicked down the road within 90 days of starting new jobs under a law passed today Dec 12 2008.

The probation period may be extended to larger companies(over 20 workers) in the future.

"Hire and serve" is a better description because New Zealand workers will be little more than sevants for those 90 days - without most employment rights.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Oppose the damn worker probation bill in New Zealand...


Oppose the damn 90 day fascist employee probation period‏ bill:

Your honeymoon is now over, John Key! Your party's proposed 90 day probationary period bill under urgency is despicable, fascist and undemocratic. It is actually the beginning of your end. It is nothing more than the beginning of the Employment Contracts Act(ECA) Part 2. And part 1 was nothing short of fascism in my book.

A 30 day period up until the ECA of 1991, was considered sufficient by all employers, employees and political parties for over 50 years. Nothing has really changed. You need extensive interiews and CV's to even get a job now. A decent employer, and the employee too, would know if the employee is suitable enough for the position. After 30 days a a further training period and agreement could be set up for the employee concerned. Up to 30 days there should be a two hours notice either way as it was for a half a century!

The Maori Party's credibility rests on this proposed bill under urgency. Bring on the next election!

Maori Party urged to oppose worker probation bill...

Labour is urging the Maori Party to oppose the 90 Day Employment Probation Bill.

National is planning to pass the bill through Parliament under urgency, before Christmas. The proposed legislation would allow employers with less than 20 staff to dismiss employees without any personal grievance claims.

Labour leader Phil Goff says the Maori Party can do nothing else but oppose the bill and oppose urgency. He says it would be unthinkable for the Maori Party to allow legislation which strips Maori, and other workers, of fundamental rights.

Mr Goff says National never told the public the law change would be a top priority, and gave no warning it would be rammed through under urgency.

However Minister of Labour Kate Wilkinson says the policy was well known before the election.

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