Friday, August 20, 2010

Search for missing Kiwi four year old continues - whats the Key govt. doing to help?


Search for missing Kiwi four year old in Gisborne continues - the modern little boy lost...

Search for missing Kiwi four year old continues...

A young four year old boy, Lucas Ward, who apparently wandered away from his grandmother's home in Kaiti, Gisborne, on New Zealand's east coast, still hasn't been found after four days. his bike has been found close to the river.

Police divers have been searching in the local river for the youngster, described as a little extrovert who may have just been a little boy exploring new territory, or had tried to walk home to his father's home.

His extended family has been assisting the search and are now becoming deeply concerned for their young family member, a little blonde headed Lucas Ward. Prayers are now being said for the youngster. The changeable springtime weather making conditions wet and cold. The little boy was dressed in sweat shirt and track pants - hardly suitable in the conditions.

Some of you readers who are old enough will remember the search in the north American wilderness many decades ago for the 'little boy lost', and later the song written about him. I have a grandson the same age as Lucas Ward, and my heart goes out to his parents, grandparents and extended family whose hearts are now breaking. So many thanks to the Gisborne community who are assisting the police and family in the search for Lucas. I hope they find the little boy alive!

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