Saturday, May 26, 2007

Electors not pollsters decide the future of governments...

John Key and the National Party are soaring to great heights in the latest opinion polls, it has been claimed. Is that right? Just where are they soaring to? Electors not pollsters decide the future of governments in parliamentary democracies.

Electors have rejected the National party in the last three elections. So what went wrong there? Was it purely because of the leaders the National Party had at the time? Bill English and Don Brash? Granted that John Key is light years from Don Brash as a leader; but Brash brought National very close in the last election result, after Bill English, the new Finance spokesman in the current Key shadow government, was mutilated in the elections previously.

Before you all get carried away and get yourselves measured for blue suits next year, let me remind you that it is actually all about perceptions, and...policies.

The Labour led Government is in the process of governing New Zealand in the best possible manner according to its philosophies, not tryng to get itself elected after three terms in opposition.

Apart from all its rejected New Right policies, all National has going is obsessive tax reductions. Labour has been building and creating an economy and a fair society - and it will continue building on that in the future. Forget all the trite comments about social engineering from right wing critics - just what the hell is social engineering anyway? Social evolution has been occurring for ever and occurs throughout western societies. There are reasons for social change and evolution will never be halted by Christian fundamentalist factions who believe social minorities have no human rights at all. As they say, politics has no place in religion, and vice versa!

Until later! Enjoy the honeymoon, Johnboy.

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