Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Women wearing burquas refused entry onto NZ buses

Women wearing burquas refused entry onto NZ buses...

The two bus drivers who refused to accept passengers on their buses because they wore burquas didn't do anything wrong. If I was a bus driver and had a potential passenger wearing a burqua, hoody with dark glasses or a person with a handkerchief around their face, I would refuse them admittance too until they removed them. As far as Muslims wearing burquas goes, remember the adage, "when in Rome do as the Romans do." NZ is not a Muslim country, but we should remember also that the burqua is a cultural requirement, not the Prophet's. I don't have a problem with head scarves, because some Christian sects still wear them.
I don't appreciate the comments emanating from Saudi Arabia either about the veiled threats about 'paying students' from that country. We don't like being intimidated by people who won't even let their women drive in their home country.
But John Key is such a gutless wonder he won't stick up for NZ citizens either! Strange from a prime minister of Jewish descent too? 

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