Sunday, August 3, 2008

What are we to believe about National's policies...

What are we to believe about National's policies? Will John Key resign or be "rolled" by Bill English early in 2011, if he(Key)is elected as prime minister this year. We all know that Billy English couldn't take on Aunty Helen head to head, anymore than the ridiculous Don Brash, though Donny did do better than most expected.

So was there some nefarious deal done between Key, English and the National Party? JK can get the kudos for being elected prime minister along with all the lifetime perks of superannuation and free transport for life, step aside or be "rolled" by Billy English in 2011 after Aunty Helen has gone on to new things. JK should have reasons to resign in 2011 - either the sale of Kiwibank or fiddling with National Super. Lets face it, the amiable Phil Goff hardly poses much opposition for Billy English.

The All Blacks have shown the way to the Labour Government when the polls indicated their demise!

In this life you read a bit, hear a bit and see a bit in your travels. Why does John Key have a pair of smelly jandals on the roof of his electoral office in Helensville, for instance.

Another in the X-curious realm is a story allegedly involving two television journalists and prime ministerial hopeful John Key during some light revelling one evening. JK made a strange comment in the course of emptying his pint, that he expected to be "rolled" by Billy English late in his first term as prime minister. He didn't appear to be too perturbed by the prospect - after all Kiwi taxpayers will look after him for the rest of his life. Just a taste of the good life and his photo in the hallway at Parliament House along with 'Mr Think Big' himself, the late Sir Rob Muldoon.

These are certainly interesting times, friends.

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