Sunday, August 10, 2008

Same old, same old discredited Tory party - don't deserve to govern...

Nats accused of bringing back failed policy - the same old discredited policies of the 1990's. They didn't work then and they will not work now!

A Rotorua social agency says National would be doing itself no favours if it brings back failed social policies. Bring in policies that would ENCOURAGE mothers of young children to return or go out to work. National is still stuck in the time warp of the 1990's. Their policies will encourage employers to pay low wages because women would be forced out, not encouraged to go to work. A win-win for employers and the National Party who are still want low wages for those who will never vote for them!

The party is expected to announce today that if it wins the election, it wants solo parents on the domestic purposes benefit to work or undertake training when their children reach school age.

Paul Blair from the People's Advocacy Centre spokesman says the only ones who would benefit from the scheme are employers prepared to pay low wages to solo parents.

Prime Minster Helen Clark also believes National is dragging out old policies. She says such a move amounts to beating up on solo parents.

"It's the hoary old work for the dole, when actually, we've focussed on getting people into real jobs and that's why even in a year of slow down, we've just had employment figures come in which are still under four percent. It's a complete waste of time trying to enforce work for the dole."

Miss Clark says the people behind Mr Key are people who were responsible for disastrous policies in the 90s and led to the party being booted out in 1999.

However, former Act MP Muriel Newman, who now works for the Centre for Political Research, supports the policy. She says there is currently a lot of talk about child poverty, without any focus on parents.

"The real way to help children out of poverty is to help their parents get a good job and move up the employment ladder. That helps them and the children as well."

Ms Newman says research shows that children living in poverty have parents on benefits.

National still haven't learned from their disasterous nine years in office during the 1990's - they still haven't earned the right to govern. Don't vote for th discredited right wing Tory party!

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