Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Helen Clark has known for six months about the NZ First donation...

Helen Clark has revealed that she has known about the donation to NZ First from Owen Glen for six months. Owen Glen told her so!

The NZ First donation scandal may well have blown apart with her revelations. But the onus has always been with Winston Peters to reveal the facts of the matter.

The prime minister has confirmed that businessman, Owen Glen, told her in February of this year,2008, that he had donated $100,000 to the New Zealand First Party. She asked Winston Peters about the donation, but he denied it. She has heard two different versions, but has to take Peters at his word. Peters has continually denied the claim that Glen had donated $100,000 to NZ First.

If Owen Glen's statement can be confirmed, Helen Clark will have no option but to sack Winston Peters for lying to her, the prime minister of New Zealand. What the National Party may claim or state is immmaterial; it is all related to Winston Peters statement to Helen Clark.

I'm sure that Helen Clark will make some statement in the near future when she no longer needs New Zealand First's support in the House.

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