Tuesday, July 29, 2008

John Key still flip-flopping towards the elections...

John Key is still flip-flopping towards the elections...

Can he get away with it? Are Kiwi voters so bloody stupid? I'm beginning to think so - the polls should show the parties closing towards each other now.

He supports 75% of the Labour Government's policies, but wants to turn NZ workers into servants. This is the 'Key difference' - the Employment Contracts Act "Mark Two" and privatisation of ACC.

As far as the privatisation of ACC goes, lets look at what Kiwis agreed to back in 1974: We gave up our right to sue our employers in court in exchange for a no-fault comprehensive cover for work and non-work accidents. We did not make any agreements with private insurance companies!!

Actually this whole ACC policy is aimed to get control of ACC's reserve funds of over six billion dollars to help pay for National's tax cuts!!!

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