Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tide could be turning against The Tories...

Knowing that the latest opinion poll was going to show some movement betwwen the Labour and National - 8pts is pretty significant in my book - the Tories have really cranked up its attack on Winston Peters. Quite frankly, the public couldn't give a damn.

Is the 8pt movement an indication of the real political opinion in New Zealand at a particular point in time when opinion is not going to change the status quo but rather a proverbial kick up Labour's backside? Or is it showing the tide is slowly going out for National? They have to do a bit better than sending a few emails out showing so called policies(regurgitated 2005 policies). Privatising ACC so they can get hold of part of its 6 billion dollar reserves for tax cuts in 2009?

Still 12 weeks or so until the elections; thats rather a long time in politics, especially for a party without real, new policies! The National Party is hoping it can continue sleepwalking to victory with the media doing its work for them. It will take more than blatant negativity to get National back on the treasury benches it was kicked off for abusing its power in the 1990's. It will take positive reasons to reelect them back. They don't have a natural coalition partner in the MMP scenario, labour has at least two.

Labour has been a good government but has been embroilled in controversy because of media obsession with some of its minority social legislation which hasn't hurt New Zealanders one iota. IE: anti-smacking legislation has not resulted in good parents being dragged before the courts. Legislation that was only passed with National's help, recall! My money is on a another Labour coalition!!

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