Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sucking up to the Chinese Government - that's National Party behaviour

Sucking up to the Chinese Government - that's National Party behaviour! They suck up to all foreigners like fawning little plonkers! Don't follow suit, Labour!

The mayors of the various Auckland cities were invited to attend a stage show by a visiting troupe of US based Chinese dancers, the"Divine Performing Arts".

It was reported in the media that the Chinese Consulate had rang the mayors and "asked" them not to attend. Why?

The troupe allegedly included Falun Gong practitioners; an organisation banned in China because it opposes the Communist Party, and rightly so; something the West used to ban as well. Times have changed. So much for the freedom of the Press in China, the Dalai Lama, democracy, Tibet independence. But we have freedom of the Press and democracy in this country of our's. Who the bloody hell do the Chinese think they are in influencing our local politicians to fall in behind their beliefs. Remember the New Zealand based Chinese journalist pushed out by police in the Behive; there was mention of Falun Gong there too!

Perhaps the real reason was the troupe included effeminate looking dancers which wasn't a good look for China with prancing men all over the place? Better to say they were Falun gong practitioners. LOL

I hope the Clark Government has a bit of intestinal fortitude and tells the Chinese we won't put up with just anything to get a Free Trade agreement. In any case it is FAIR TRADE that is required around the world, not free trade.


Gorilla22 said...

Yeah, the Chinese Government has done things like that all over the world. When I was in San Francisco, a similar event occured with a local parade. The CCP (CPC) government has a suprising reach, which is unfortunate.

Kiwi Riverman said...

Thanks for your reply. While this is a NZ connected forum, please visit regularly and give some comment.Tell a few friends to visit as well.I'm actually concerned about the Chinese; they pose a greater threat to all of us rather than Islamics.

This is a new forum which I hope to build up with our parliamentary elections next year; which should be a boomer!

What do you know about the Falun Gong? I believe they are very religious in eastern way.