Monday, April 16, 2007

A National leopard can't change its blue spots - it is the same...

It would be very, very easy just to slag off the National Party for pure political and ideological reasons, but I have come to detest that party and what it represents - not what it stands for, because I don't think it actually knows anymore.

Three terms under that little gnome of New Zealand politics, Robert David Muldoon, a nasty vindictive little man in anybody's language, just about destroyed New Zealand's economy - he knew it all, nobody could tell him anything. He was the closest thing NZ had to a dictator. But he did, surprisingly, have a soft spot for our senior citizens, and used it politically at times. 1975- 84.

Three terms under National with Jim Bolger and Jenny Shipley nearly destroyed New Zealand, socially; could there have ever been a more fascist piece of legislation than the Employment Contracts Act ( Sid Holland's Emergency Regulations during the 1951 Waterside Lockout may have been, but were temporary) which was designed to emasculate and hamstring the trade union movement to such a degree it hasn't recovered yet in the private sector; to reduce real wages and conditions; and to create flexibility for the employing class with thousands of full time jobs being lost in months, being replaced with temporary and part time jobs; mature workers in general suffered more than most under that legislation and have never fully recovered despite the propoganda to the contary . The words "union or unionist" didn't appear once in the ECA, being replaced by some obscure American terminology as "bargaining agent". In fact it was an American type of legislation written by lawyers with no experience in the industrial sector; it became known as employment law. There is more that could be said, and will be said at a later time.The outcome of this legislation has outlived those who created it - the present Employment Relations Act created by the Labour led Governmnt only really amended the ECA It should have thrown that legislaton along with the National Governmet into the garbage can of history and started again. 1990-99.

John Key and the National Party would have us believe that they have become some centralist party which genuinely cares for the NZ underclass and the less well off in our society? Yeah right! Pigs might fly too. National would be a wolf in sheeps clothing!

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