Sunday, April 29, 2007

No reason to vote for National, Labour is managing NZ well...

There is no reason to vote for National, Labour is managing NZ well, despite all the anti-government rhetoric! National doesn't have any leadership - apart from boys wanting to do a man's job: Batman and Robin! Boy wonders, Johnny and Billy? Yeah right!

National doesn't have any new policies other than regurgitated New Right failed policies rejected by New Zealanders in 1999 and ever since. But lets get serious and comment on the Key rhetoric, the Clayton's policies when you have none!

I don't know what Key meant in his published address in today's Dominion Post newspaper in relation to relitigating history. We have had some great things in the past that we have to remember and, obviously, some we would wish to forget. We somtimes have to look back to go forward and not make those same mistakes: electing Muldoon 1975-84; Bolger and Shipley 1990-99. These were watershed years in relation to future economic policies.Borrow and hope with Muldoon, and the 'Mother of all Budgets' with Bolger and Richardson.

In some respects John Key is right, the future is centred around the economy, education and the environment - but he left out health which is just as important and of course, employment. Global warming will be an important subject for the Labour led Government during the next ten or so years, and the Leader of the Opposition, John Key, will be able to make important contributions in that area, considering the amount of hot wind that emanates from the National caucus.

Helen Clark has not lost her mojo, John Key.You haven't been around long enough to have one. Her popularity continues to rise. She is halfway through her third term; that in itself is quite an achievement.She has had many difficut problems to overcome which she has dealt with in a professional manner, despite all the rhetoric of the rightwing opposition and its fellow travellers who are widespread and varied.

Labour hasn't lost the pulse of the New Zealand people. Labour is continuing to deal with the various problems that exist to help lift New Zealanders up the ladder; the labels are as irrelevant as the National Party is to New Zealand and New Zealanders.The Government's Working for Families policy will help New Zealand families, as will the tax policy in the budget to assist NZ businesses.

I see absolutely no reason why there should be a change of government; there is no real alternative in any case. National? Yeah right! As they alway said, Labour governs and National rules!

Many of the problems of yesteryear have not been dealt with - there is still no real industrial democracy, especially in the private sector; Labour should have totally scrapped the fascist Employment Contracts Act and gone back to the original industrial legislation, not amend it with the present insipid Employment Relations Act. New Zealand workers still have battles to fight and win; such as regaining double time overtime rates as of right!

There are still challenges ahead; there are the forces of the unholy rightwing alliance to overcome - the New Right economic policies of the National and Act parties and the social policies espoused by the various fundamentalist Christian sects which are as dangerous as those of its Islamic counterparts.

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