Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Exclusive Brethren could be as dangerous as Islamic fundamentalists...

The Exclusive Brethren sect could be as dangerous as Islamic fundamentalists - they are all tarred with the same arrogant and ignorant disrespect for democratic government. The E.B's could be described as traitors to New Zealand law and order, and the democratically elected government. The SIS should closely watch them all and inform the government of the day what is happening out there!

Despite claiming to be non-political and never voting at elections at any level in New Zealand, it is obvious that this sect, supporters of the NZ National Party and right wing politics here, intend to repeat their covert activities again the duly elected government of New Zealand - except they are now not so covert.

Angry criticism from the EB sect about Labour's proposed electoral reform has apparently prompted an equally stinging attack from the Government.

The seven men from the fundamentalist religious sect - not even a religion to speak of, which claims to be non-political, who ran an anti-government and Greens Party campaign at the last election, say the plan to restrict third party advertising is designed to defraud democratic rights, something ridiculed by the Government and any right thinking New Zealanders. Such claims are a load of unadulterated crap, to say the least!

Justice Minister, Mark Burton, said the proposal is to inject some transparency into the electoral process, and rightly so ! The Exclusive Brethren have no credibility and their claims should be treated with the proverbial grain of sand. Their involvement is not wanted in the New Zealand political scene or process. They are political pariahs in New Zealand.

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