Monday, February 24, 2014

Shoot down the TPP - it is all about the One World Corporate Government...

TPP FTA (TPPA): Trans-Pacific Partnership Free...
TPP FTA (TPPA): Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement Subordinates Nations (And People) To Corporations (Photo credit: watchingfrogsboil)
Labour, Greens and Mana: You must use the TPP during your election campaign. Pres Obama is pushing this behind the scenes, in private to be exact. National and Act fully support the TPP. They have seen the draft copies of the TPP. Your intellectual property rights are in danger. The TPP is all about private corporations controlling the free world. This is the first step in the One World Government controlling our lives. The wonderful invention the internet, will be used to support this One World Corporate Government. John key wants to be part of this. If he is stupidly allowed to to lead National to a disasterous third term, he will step aside midway through the term to allow a successor to take the helm of the National neo-fascist government. Oppose Key,oppose National and Act and shoot down the TPP before it is passed. Remember this, there will not be any amendments to the TPP.
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