Friday, February 7, 2014

Labour/ Greens not bound to continue any National housing policies and programs...

Nick Smith and his National Government colleagues may be moving away from traditional state housing  and are creating so-called mixed  housing developments, but the incoming Labour/ Greens administration won’t be bound by National policies.

Labour/Greens should go on an extensive state housing construction programme and an affordable private housing programme as well. NZ has not yet got over the state housing privatisations which occurred during the Bolger years and caused many shortages of two bedroomed housing units. National claimed in 2008 it would be National policy to replace any houses sold with newly constructed ones or others bought in the private sector.

This construction policy would help in creating long term employment for New Zealanders and any immigrant labour in the housing market. Housing NZ will just have to do as they are told, as will other government agencies and corporations.
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