Sunday, February 23, 2014

NZ capitalists no different - Key and his mob try to extract as much profit as their American counterparts...

Polski: Logo Organizacji Pożytku Publicznego (OPP)
Polski: Logo Organizacji Pożytku Publicznego (OPP) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The new metrics: How much “rent” can be extracted from employees, not investments

To compare “the 99 percent” to African slaves would be crude; but the mindset of “the 1 percent” then, as now, is eerily consistent. They view the rest of us not as human beings with rights, but as livestock whose meat is “rent” to be extracted.

This is the language of plutocratic capitalism, a brutal system totally incompatible with democracy and antithetical to republican government and civilization. It is the language of misery, and misery is what “the 1 percent” is promising “the 99 percent” for years to come, in ever-greater doses.
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