Wednesday, December 7, 2011

key and Banks chart course to total disaster - political ideology not education...

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Millionaire ideologues Key and Banks  chart course to educational disaster...

John Banks assertion that he will, hand-pick 'like-minded' people to implement the controversial charter schools trial is proof the proposal is about political ideology, not educational achievement says Labour's Education Spokesperson, Sue Moroney.
"Given that he only represents 1% of the population, Mr Banks assertion to Radio Live yesterday that he would surround himself with 'like-minded people' means he will be choosing from a small pool of people," said Sue Moroney.
"The future of our children's education is too important for politics to rule over best educational practise.
"The education system is meant to be about doing what is best for children and their future, not shonky political deals that have excluded the public and the education sector.
"It is quite clear from John Banks' insistence that Onehunga High School is a charter school, when it clearly isn't, that he has no idea what he is talking about.
"If he doesn't know what charter schools are, how can it be his policy that he insisted on?
"John Key seems to know a lot more about the detail of the policy, than John Banks does, so who's policy is it?" Sue Moroney said.
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