Monday, November 14, 2011

The controversial "teapot tape" to be released after the NZ elections...

John Key at his victory speech at SKYCITY, Auc...Image via WikipediaJohn Banks, Mayor of Auckland City, New Zealan...Image via WikipediaNew Zealand's online predictions market, iPredict, has today launched new stocks asking about the content of the so-called "teapot tape"
Prime Minister John Key and Act Party Epsom candidate John Banks met for tea on Friday and their conversation was recorded by Bradley Ambrose, formerly known as Brad White. Act leader Don Brash did not attend the meeting.

The Herald on Sunday and TV3 have reported that they have obtained the recording but its contents remain unknown. Mr Key has asked the police to investigate the circumstances of the recording. The Deputy Editor of the Herald on Sunday, Jonathan Milne, says the contents of the recording are potentially a "game-changer" for the election. The Political Editor of TV3, Duncan Garner, disagrees but says the contents are "interesting and raise some questions for Key and Banks".

The new stocks launched by iPredict today are as follows:
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