Saturday, December 17, 2011

Labour on the journey back to power...

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New Zealand Labour Party MP Grant Roberts in 2009
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Labour Party President congratulates new leadership team...

The Labour Party caucus today elected Labour’s new leadership team.

David Shearer was elected as Leader of the Parliamentary Labour Party, with Grant Robertson as his deputy.

“I congratulate both David and Grant and look forward to working closely with them as we build towards a Labour victory in 2014”, Moira Coatsworth, President of the New Zealand Labour Party.

“David and Grant bring a fresh approach; a breadth of skills and a strong commitment to rebuild for a Labour win in 2014.

“I offer the Party’s thanks to outgoing leaders Phil Goff and Annette King. They shared a passion for making New Zealand a better and fairer society and I thank them for their contribution and their legacy of bold policy for the future.

“Our selection process enabled a robust contest of ideas throughout New Zealand. I congratulate all four candidates and party members nationwide for the way they contributed to the selection of our new leadership team,” Moira Coatsworth said.

The Clark years are well and truly behind Labour now; the Goff years were almost irrelevant. These are the days of David Shearer, Grant Robertson and the rebirth of the Labour party and New Zealand.

 David Cunliffe badly misjudged the political situation and has lost his chance of ever  leading Labour. Hope is on the way!

John Key and his old rusty lock administration is now on the way out!
English: David Shearer, New Zealand Labour Par...
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