Monday, October 3, 2011

Why is the NZ Treasury preparing state energy companies for privatisation before a mandate is given...

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  Prime Minister John Key keeps saying publicly-owned power companies won't be sold unless National gets a mandate at the general election.

However, 'BusinessDay', May 26, claimed  that theTreasury had already set up a group "to do the background work on the privatisation programme".

Last month, the Government reportedly  made 18 new appointments throughout 12 state-owned enterprises, aimed at firing up their boardrooms. They included appointing Keith Tempest, former chief executive of TrustPower (provider of some of the highest- priced electricity) to the board of TransPower.

Then the Treasury called for tenders for a project manager and adviser, and will soon establish an expert advisory panel.

Apparently this is being done in order to enable the sell-down "as soon as possible" after the election.

The Government doesn't have a mandate to sell any SOEs. Is the Treasury a law unto itself? Or is this outright arrogance on the part of Mr Key?

The National Party government is not only behaving arrogantly, it is acting illegally.  The smell of fascism is permeating the political scene in the run-up to the elections in New Zealand.

If New Zealanders were aware of what they are planning would they want to vote for them?

New Zealanders are actually too busy watching the Rugby World Cup at present than worrying about the political machinations  of this National Party government. Smile, wave, mince, smile, wave,  that's the style of Prime Minister John Key.

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