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John Key all alone on super age - Phil Goff...

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John Key all alone on super age - Phil Goff
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Voxy News Engine

John Key's refusal to make the right calls for New Zealand's future is being undermined by his own Finance Minister, says Labour Leader Phil Goff.

"John Key claims he is skipper of his party. Well he is clearly facing a mutiny. While he says he won't support raising the age of entitlement for New Zealand Super, Bill English has admitted there is merit to a gradual increase in the age saying it is a "legitimate debate".

"John Key is living in cloud cuckoo land. He is afraid to front up and debate the issues that matter to Kiwis. He wouldn't even debate the savings plan with me on television tonight," Phil Goff said.
"Not only is he afraid to confront the important issues facing the country, he's also being dishonest.

"Today he claimed lifting the age was a bad idea, but in 2004 he said this at a speech to the Super Funds Summit: 'But will lifting the retirement age by a couple of years in twenty years' time be all that big a deal? I suspect not. If anything, it is likely to be welcomed by the majority of New Zealanders who recognize that increased levels of longevity inevitably means that any private capital they have squirreled away will need to be spread more thinly and last longer'.

"John Key doesn't have the courage to tackle the tough issues. Things can't go on as they are. We are not saving enough. We need to do better. We must pay back the debt, save more and live within our means.

"That's why the savings plan that Labour announced today is so important. We will own our own future," Phil Goff said
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