Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jeckle and Hyde Act Party of NZ

Don BrashImage via WikipediaWell Dr Jeckle has really upset our Mr Hyde. The Jeckle and Hyde Act Party of New Zealand.

Mrs Brash's little boy Don, is looking for more mud to get thrown at him.

But seriously now, Don Brash is not in Parliament and not even a member of the ACT Party of New Zealand, yet he wants to become leader?

So by the same criteria I can take over the Labour Party from Phil Goff. Yeah right!

Neither Don Brash or Rodney Hyde have the interests of Joe and Joanna Bloggs, the average Kiwi couple wth 1.5 Bloggettes on tow, at heart, just those moronic residents of the New Zealand political Right, not the right of New Zealand.

These morons would privatise everything in sight: Would sell off our schools to commercial interests, sell off our public hospitals to the private sector and put our military forces out for tender.

But the one thing they haven't discussed yet: Could Don Brash make it in Dancing with the Stars?  Don doesn't have the surplus body fat that dear old Rodney had when he set out to dance his way to fame. But you never know do you - we may have our very own Fred Astaire. Don has proven he is pretty good at usurping somebody else's partner anyway.

Just thought of something. Don Brash and Donald Trump share the same first name. Don Juan's or Mafia Dons?

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