Thursday, April 14, 2011

Japan doing better in getting emergency housing for their homeless than New Zealand...

There seems to be more emphasis on opening up the CBD in the earthquake munted  New Zealand city of Christchurch than getting accomodation for the homeless people in the eastern suburbs - at least that is how many people out there think anyway.

Lets compare the earthquake and tsunami  affected areas and nuclear power radiation poisoned areas of Japan , and the situation in the damaged  NZ of Christchurch, in regards to supplying temporary housing for the homeless.

Japan should have 35 thousand homes available by the end of the month -  whereas the John Key National government is still at the tender process. When will NZ have housing available for the homeless there?  They may havee to spend most of the winter in their unheated garages and tents, perhaps?

New Zealand is not some over-populated asian country, but supposedly a first world country off Australia in the South Pacific. Could have fooled me!

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