Wednesday, September 29, 2010

God and an election campaign budget of NZ$4 billion, and an earthquake helped too

Jim Anderton, former Deputy Prime Minister of ...Image via WikipediaBob Parker on top in Chch mayoral poll. God and a campaign budget of $4 billion made all the difference - of course an earthquake helped too!

A new poll reveals current mayor, Bob Parker, is favourite to hold on to his job after a big swing in public opinion

A new survey has found the race for the Christchurch mayoralty has dramatically changed since the earthquake. The current Mayor, Bob Parker, is now the favourite to take out the race next month.

A UMR research poll released today shows a huge turn-around.

Incumbent Mayor Bob Parker now has the vote of 55% of decided voters - up 27% since June.

Main rival Jim Anderton, who was the clear favourite in June on 60%, has dropped to 41%. Poor old Jim didn't see the earthquale coming. But on the Friday before the EQ he quipped that it would take an earthquake to beat him. You never know, do you?

The poll has an error rate of 5.2

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