Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Act MP David Garrett explanation defies credibility - The Day of the Jackal indeed

Cover of "The Day of the Jackal"Cover of The Day of the Jackal

Act MP David Garrett's explanation defies credibility - The Day of the Jackal indeed...

ACT MP reveals a thoughtless prank -  do you believe it was a prank? It defies credibility!

MP David Garrett wants to explain 'thoughtless prank' carried out 26 years ago where he used a dead child's name to get a passport


ACT MP David Garrett is in deep  trouble today, after admitting he once illegally obtained the birth certificate of a dead child and used it to get a passport.

Using the protection of parliamentary privilege, Mr Garrett has explained how he carried out the action 26 years ago and was arrested and discharged without conviction five years ago.

He's told Parliament he doesn't know why he did it and got the idea from the novel The Day of the Jackal.

"To this day I cannot explain the rationale behind my actions, except to say that I was simply curious to see whether such a thing could be done. I never used the passport for any purpose. It duly expired, never having being used and I later destroyed it."

Mr Garrett describes it as a thoughtless prank that caused great pain to the family of the child.

He says he received name suppression for the incident, which he's now working to get lifted so he can explain his actions further.

His confession comes a day after it was revealed he'd been convicted of assault in Tonga eight years ago and fined ten dollars. Would have been a lot more in New Zealand.

Nobody would do what Garrett has owned up to unless they had 'nefarious reasons' to do so. Only serious criminals or secret agents would  do what Garrett has owned up to. The  Day of the Jackal indeed!

'Act' is a good name for his party! They will be dog tucker at the next elections. They will not sweep back to Parliament on the coat tails of Rodney Hide next year - because Hide himself has a dog's and no show of getting back into Parliament. Along withe the Maori Party, National's coalition partners will be decimated

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