Friday, March 12, 2010

Minister admits poor choice of words - backed down over Super Gold card attack...

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Minister admits poor choice of words - backdown over Super Gold Card attack!

Steven Joyce, Transport Minister, admits his comments on SuperGold Card poorly chosen and he didn't mean entitlements would be axed. BS - he backed down and everbody knows it

The Transport Minister admits his choice of words may have contributed to the outcry over potential cuts to SuperGold Card transport concessions. And what did he expect? Another incompetent Gnat minister!

When he announced a review of the free off-peak public transport component of the card, Steven Joyce said officials would be looking at how off-peak should be defined. He also threw a question mark over the eligibility of high cost services including Auckland's Waiheke Island ferry.

Mr Joyce is now keen to assure senior citizens he did not mean their entitlements would be cut.

"It possibly wasn't clear enough but I think also there was definitely some political desire to create some concern and fear."

Mr Joyce says services will continue, but denies opposition claims he has backed down because of the angry reaction. And I believe in the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and the tooth fairy!

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