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Bailey Kurariki driven to despair - B.S he is a little A-hole...

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Bailey Kurariki driven to despair - B.S he is a little a-hole...

Rethinking Crime & Punishment group claims media and public attention making Bailey Kurariki's life "utterly miserable.

A group promoting debate on prisons is concern the country's youngest killer could seriously offend again.

Twenty-year-old Bailey Junior Kurariki has been back in court this week, facing four new charges relating to indecency and assault.

Kim Workman from the group Rethinking Crime and Punishment says Kurariki came out of prison full of hope and purpose, with plans to study, but within days he was hassled and photographed at home and at court.

"The sense that he had of hope and planning originally was dissipated by the treatment he got from the media and the public."

Mr Workman says the media is making Kurariki's life utterly miserable and he is concerned he could be driven to commit another serious offence.

"He's in a very bad way. He's quite disturbed and angry and this is not the boy that came out of prison."

Mr Workman claims that if something serious happens everyone will be a part of it.

Kurariki is just a little a-hole. The country has been watching the development of a criminal the last few years. Mr Workman's claims are an exaggeration - from a well- meaning man.

He'll be back in spades, will be involved in a very serious crime before long.

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