Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Court found David Bain not guilty at his retrial - they didn't find him innocent...

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The David Bain saga continues.  One of New Zealand's (alleged) worst  family mass murderers was found not guilty at his retrial. It was a legal point that eventually set him free, but much of the original evidence was lost and unavailable at the retrial  His lawyer has put forward a claim  to the Ministry of Justice for compensation for illegal arrest and imprisonment, or words to that effect. This claim will be heard by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Justice  and a Cabinet committee. Is it warranted, many people will ask? He was found not guily, not innocent!

After the original trial found him guilty and sentenced him to eleven or more years imprisonment, I was one of those who sat on the fence and thought, yes he could be guilty. But later I read a number of books about the trial, David Bain and his slain familty. From thereon I was convinced of Bain's guilt, and I still believe he was and is guilty of the mass murder of his parents and siblings -  two sisters and a younger brother. I did not read his supporter, Joe Karam's books, because they were in my opinion  just biased spin doctoring.

So now it is up to John Key and his Cabinet to decide if David Bain is innocent and deserves compensation. Political consideration is not a point here - they represent the Government and the people of New Zealand. I don't envy their task.

However the souls of the slain Bain family cry out for justice. Would compensation for a freed David Bain be just?
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