Monday, November 3, 2008

A fanatic National landslide or a left of centre coalition...

There will be a maniacal National landslide that would prove New Zealanders don't deserve the vote, or a left of centre coalition.

It is too difficult to predict what people will do inside their voting booth.

Lets face it Nationaal has a head, but no body; it represents nobody at present just political expediency. Who is John Key and who does he represent? Who are those shadowy figures behind him?

What does a multi-millionaire former money making financial speculator want in politics? Are the rumours correct about Key? He is in it to achieve power for powers sake! And he accuses Helen Clark and Micheal Cullen of never having a "real" job; financial speculation is a real job? Yeah right!

Is he the deceitful stooge front man who is attempting to assist National into power, because Bill English can't and Don Brash couldn't? Rumour has it if he is successful he will resign as prime minister a year or so before the next election, and as a consequence all bets will be off because any election agreement made by John Key will not bind his successor, Bill English. Remember you were told here, readers!

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