Wednesday, October 29, 2008

John Key wants to be prime minister of New Zealand - harden up John...

John Key wants to be prime minister of New Zealand - harden up John!

John Key claims Labour is seeking to smear him and the National Party over the H-Fee Scam: Re Equitcorp and the infamous H-Fee money transfer scheme which ranks as New Zealand's most notorious white-collar crime. This landed Allan Hawkins and Elders executive, Ken Jarret in jail - it was alleged to have been devised as a method of covering up payments to Equitcorp for helping Elders in a takeover bid for BHP.

Questions have been asked about John Key's possible involvement with the scammy scheme. Key worked at Elders Finance in the 80's, and had some questionable workmates? Key claimed he left Elders in 1988. The dirty deeds actually occurred two years earlier, and Key was still employed by the company at that time.

John Key is upset that Labour is trying to smear him less than a couple of weeks from the election.

What does John Key think that he and National and the media have been doing to Winston Peters for the last year or so?

Harden up John! You do want to be prime minister of New Zealand, don't you?

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