Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What were the issues this week, a debate, polls and a lying John Key...

What were the issues this week? Too many to elaborate on.

The polls: Too many different polls during the last week. From 3%, 6%, 10% and 18%. Yeah right! The only poll that matters is om election day.

The Leaders Debate: A shambles that was not refereed properly. A bad mannered John Key got the sharp end of Helen's tongue eventually. Surprisingly the "Flip Flop Kid" was quite articulate - bit different from the unfortunate Don Brash three years ago. Helen had to talk over Key to get her point across.

The Story of the week: Did John Key give Pita Sharples a guarantee that National would not get rid of the Maori seats if the Maori Party supports National? Pita Sharples is a man of principle and is more likely to be believed than the slippery John Key. Has John Key lied about the conversation with Pita Sharples, who is still adamant that Key did give him a guarantee? Has Key flip-flopped again?

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