Sunday, November 9, 2008

There will be a National - led government - and why Labour lost..

There will be a National-led government supported by the ultra-right Act Party led by Rodney Hide, and also Peter Dunne.

This is at the expense of one of New Zealand's greatest ever prime minister's, Helen Clark, who has stepped down as Labour leader, along with deputy Michael Cullen. It is an end of an era for the New Zealand people. We will not see the like of it for a couple of generations or more, if ever!

Winston Peters and his New Zealand First Party are also casualties of this election which has swung to the right, not the centre as new prime minister, John Key claims. He may well be a centrist but we all know that just behind him are those rightwing ratbags from the 1990's who made life a misery for the average Kiwi. The Act lineup includes the creator of Rogernomics himself, Roger Douglas. He may well be knighted and have a Sir in front of his name - but I will never address this traitor of the NZ people who nearly destroyed the social structure in this country. Some people committed suicide because of the economic and social conditions which followed the tragic policies of Douglas and his cronies.

We realise we will have this bunch of rightwing cronies for up to at least six years. If National gets in the position of getting re-elected in three years the ensuing policies will be different from chalk and cheese to what Key claims his government will deliver now and in the future.

It will take at least six years to have a new Labour leader blooded and experienced enough to take on Key and deliver a victory - and I predict it won't be Phil Goff who may become the interim leader of the Labour Party.

And in six years i will be enjoying my National Superannuation and won't be writing any more political blogs, and will be leaving the worries to younger people.

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Anonymous said...

Would things have been different if people hadn't of voted their candidate vore for Greens, this lost Labour the Auckland City and Waitakere seats...

Kiwi Riverman - The Writer said...

You could be right. NZ First cost Labour dearly too. The loss of votes in Auckland were costly too.

But who really wants to be in government at present?