Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winston's just about gone government...

English: This image was taken at the Europa Le...
English: This image was taken at the Europa Lecture 2008, University of Aukland, and is owned by the European Union Centres Network. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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  • With parliament rising yesterday, it seems like a good time to look back on the non-achievements of the Government this year.

    • The dream of owning your own home – just about gone
    • High performing state assets like power stations – just about gone
    Public broadcasting – just about gone
    • Job opportunities for young – just about gone
    • Our manufacturing industry – just about gone.
    • Our best dairying farmland – just about gone.
    • The foreshore and seabed – just about gone
    • The member for Epsom – just about gone – to court first
    • The leaker for Ohariu – he’s just about gone
    • The member for Warner brothers, Sky City, Rio Tinto – just about gone – following his memory which was gone a long time ago.
    • Our friends in the Maori Party – just about gone

    In fact this is the most “just about gone” government in history.
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