Saturday, December 14, 2013

Asset sales referendum - kick in the backside for National...

English: John Key, leader of the New Zealand N...
English: John Key, leader of the New Zealand National Party Македонски: Џон Ки, лидер на Новозеландската национална партија. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Asset sales referendum: Nats smacked

67% opposed to National's policy, only 33% supporting. It is a resounding public rejection of privatisation, but without clearing what John Key hypothesised would be an "interesting" point - nfortunately the total no vote of 895,322 is under National's Party vote of just over a million at the 2011 general election - the Nats will not be swayed. Come hell or high water they seem intent on selling it all down.

The Asset sales referendum results by electorate.

The blue ribbon Tamaki and Epsom electorates voted narrowly in favour, but all the rest were against. The Maori electorates especially: only 5 - 8.8% in favour. And John Key couldn't convince his own electorate either: 47.7% in favour.

Was it a waste of $9 million? Not compared with the millions blown on the marketing and organisation of the share floats
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