Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Labour will replace David Shearer at its peril if it is not transparently done through the rules of the NZLP...

English: David Shearer, New Zealand Labour Par...
English: David Shearer, New Zealand Labour Party candidate for the seat of Mount Albert in the 2009 by-election. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

David Shearer was selected as parliamentary leader, not party leader who is the President of the NZ Labour Party, under the rules of the NZ Labour Party. If he is to be unseated it will have to be under those rules. It appears to me, and my experience goes back to the mid 70's, that those who are trying to undermine David Shearer are from outside of the party. I will tell you right here if the party repeats itself like the last elections where it failed to give Phil Goff the full support it was capable of, the New Zealand Labour Party will be finished as a political force and will be replaced by a new Social Democratic movement, which may or may not include the Greens Party. If David Shearer is undermined from without and the party does not support him, Labour will not get my vote, and probably those of thousands of others. If Labour wishes to replace him, it must be transparently done through the rules of the NZLP. My vote would probably go to Mana under such circumstances, providing Mana still supports the non-Maori poor, the underprivileged and the underpaid workers in this country. It gives food for thought!
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